All About Aleo vera Benefits

All About Aloe vera Benefits

What Aloe Vera Oil Can Do For You

If aloe vera benefits oil was a synthesized product, concocted in a pharmaceutical laboratory, and marketed as a wonder drug, we might have every right to be a bit skeptical. After all, the proponents of aloe vera oil claim it to be a cure for quite a variety of ills. Admittedly, some of the claims can be far-fetched, but substitute “treat” for “cure’ and most claims are probably not too far off the mark. The aloe vera plant is in some ways one of nature’s little miracle plants, whose gel, juice, and oil, can be put to many beneficial uses.

Essential Oil Is Produced As An Extract

Aloe vera oil does not come directly from the plant in the form we are familiar with. The oil is extracted from the plant by a process involving the use of base oil, often soybean oil, the resulting product being called either aloe vera oil or aloe vera oil extract. Just as is the case with aloe vera gels and juice, the extract can be used both internally and externally for a variety of purposes. Whether or not you can polish your floors with it (seems possible) hasn’t been documented, but the oil seemingly can be used for almost anything else.

The aloe plant is actually a genus made up of several hundred species, the aloe vera plant being but one of the species, but the species most widely used for nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The plant is a tropical succulent featuring thick gel-filled leaves. One of the better-known benefits of the gel is its effectiveness for treating sunburn or small wounds. No need to run to the pharmacy if there is an aloe vera plant nearby. Just cut off a section of a leaf and apply the gel directly to the burn or wound. In most cases, we get our aloe vera as an ingredient in a medicinal or cosmetic over the counter product.

Good, But Not Omnipotent

The only real problems associated with aloe vera oil is that some of the claims associated with it often go a bit overboard. Aloe vera oil is a great skin conditioner. It won’t however necessarily make the skin younger or remove wrinkles but does work somewhat in that direction. In other words, it’s not really anti-aging but can at least help slow the process and perhaps in some instances partially reverse the process. It isn’t unfair to call aloe vera oil a skin rejuvenator. Aloe vera oil can be used to treat acne so aloe vera plant skin care for acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. It won’t cure these conditions, most of which are not curable anyway, but it can relieve symptoms, and reduce the frequency of flare-ups.


Aloe vera oil also has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to antibacterial and anti-viral properties. As such, it can provide benefits to arthritis sufferers, those affected by shingles, and can among other things, serve to strengthen the immune system. Aloe vera essential oil does not cure cancer, nor can it prevent cancer from occurring, but it can help keep body tissues and organs healthy, lessening the chances for cancer to gain a foothold.

Besides its use as a sunburn treatment, the oil should be an essential part of a first aid kit as it is very effective in treating blisters and sores and as an aid in preventing them from becoming infected. The oil, like the gel, has soothing as well as anti-itching properties.

Aloe vera oil can also be taken internally. The leaves are filled with nutrients, though in their raw state are quite bitter tasting. Medications which have aloe vera oil as a major ingredient can be purchased over the counter to obtain relief from a variety of conditions, including heartburn and upset stomach, indigestion and other digestive disorders.

Caveat Emptor

Aloe vera oil has many well-documented uses. Most claims regarding the oil as an effective treatment are likely true, but be a little skeptical about products containing aloe vera oil which claim it to be either a preventative or cure for a disorder of any kind. (click next)

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