Angina Pectoris – Symptoms, Causes and Best Natural Treatment

Angina Pectoris - Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Treatment
Angina Pectoris - Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Treatment
Angina Pectoris – Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Treatment

A condition causing chest pain, Angina is common and is thought to result from reduced blood flow to certain parts of the body. It is said that if blood flow is restricted the section will suffer from a reduction in oxygen and nutrient supply.

The heart has its own blood supply to help it constantly working. When there is a reduction in blood supply to specific parts of the body, the heart will continue to pump as hard as usual. However, it is not receiving enough nutrients and oxygen to support its exertions.

Angina is usually caused after a period of unsupported exertion, for example, doing vast amounts of physical activity. The symptoms of suffering from angina are reported to include suffering from pain in the arms, jaw, and chest, feeling weak and dizziness.

Supplements that have been said to help in treating Angina

– Vitamin C supplements are said to help in repairing arteries injured by plaque, and it is high in antioxidants which may help combat cell damage.

Angina - Symptoms and Causes

– L- Arginine is an amino acid that is seen as beneficial for the heart, so this supplement is seen as beneficial.

– Carnitine is an amino acid substance that is said to allow heart muscle cells to use up energy in an efficient manner.

– Coenzyme Q10 is thought to be an excellent supplement as it reported to enhance the heart muscle.

– It is believed that the herb HAWTHORN aids blood flow to the heart.

– Essential fatty acid supplements are viewed as good as they are reported to help keep the arteries flexible.


Also known as fluttering, Arrhythmia is a frequently occurring condition that is not believed to be very noticeable. It may be triggered by tiredness, stress, or consuming caffeine or alcohol in high amounts and it is reported to result in shortness of breath.

Some cases of Arrhythmia have been related to suffering from heart conditions, such as coronary heart disease. Other factors that may result in Arrhythmia are said to include thyroid or kidney diseases and imbalances of magnesium and potassium in the body.

Ways that have been reported to prevent Arrhythmia

– Eliminating out caffeine and alcohol from an individual’s diet has been recommended.
– Frequent physical activity is considered vital as it helps strengthen the heart.
– It has been said that various relaxation techniques, such as yoga and meditation, maybe practiced, as they are believed to help in reducing stress.

Supplements that are reported to be good for Arrhythmia

– Magnesium supplements are said to be good as they are seen to benefit people with heart rhythm disorders. This mineral is also seen as vital for coordinating the activation of the muscles and nerves.

– The remedy Hawthorn is thought to be useful as it is believed to increase blood flow to the heart.

– Coenzyme Q10 is seen as being useful for people who have suffered a heart attack or suffered from another type of heart disease.

– Taurine and Carnitine are amino acids that are said to be good as they may raise the oxygen supply to the heart.

– The supplement Astragalus is believed to be useful as it features substances that have been thought to stabilize heart rhythm.


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