Aromatherapy Oils from the Rosaceae Plant Family

Carrier oil extracted from the Rosaceae plant family include:

  • sweet almond (Prunus dulcis)

  • apricot (Prunus armeniaca)

  • cherry (Prunus avium)

  • peach (Prunus persica)

  • plum (Prunus (x) domestica)

  • red raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

  • black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis)

  • blackberry (Rubus fructicosus)

  • rosehip (Rosa canina).

Rose Essential Oil of the Rosaceae Plant Family

The rose is the most well known aromatic member of the Rosaceae plant family and it is used as an essential oil, absolute, extract, and concrete in aromatherapy for both therapeutic and perfumery purposes. There are various species of rose used in aromatherapy including:

  • Damask rose (Rosa damascena)

  • May (cabbage) rose (Rosa centifolia)

  • Gallic rose (Rosa gallica)

  • white rose (Rosa alba)

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