Do Something to Avoid Stretch Marks on Your Breast

Do Something to Avoid Stretch Marks on Your Breast
Do Something to Avoid Stretch Marks on Your Breast

A Stretch mark is an unsightly line on your skin caused by its extra straining. Lack of skin elasticity results in tiny ruptures and the appearance of red or purple stretch marks occurring mostly on hips, breasts, stomach, and thighs. Over time, these unattractive lines may fade, but you never can remove them for good.

Stretch Marks on Breast Causes

The most popular causes of stretch marks appear on the breast are the following:

  • Excessive skin straining during pregnancy due to preparation for future breastfeeding.
  • Breast implants impose bigger risks of stretch line appearance. A sharp increase in the bust size damages the skin.
  • Significant weight changes within a short period of time. If you are going to lose much weight very quickly, you are exposed to high risks of stretch mark problems.
  • You may be prone to this skin defect genetically. Find out if your mother had it too.
  • Teenagers tend to gain a lot of extra weight during their puberty period. This can lead to excessive skin straining and stretch marks breast development.
  • Some medical problems are accompanied by skin problems, including the scars under discussion. In most cases, the reason behind it is excessive cortisol production, which leads to a lack of collagen in the connective tissue.

Therefore, prolonged intake of corticosteroids can make your skin lose elasticity, and stretch marks may appear.


How Can The Problem Be Treated and Avoid Stretch Marks?

To minimize stretch marks breast, you should maintain your weight within optimal limits. Avoid trying to gain or lose too many pounds within a short period of time.

It is recommended to apply effective stretch mark removal products to the affected areas. They can make the scars less visible and faded. Remember also that all beauty products require some time to provide the desired effect. Therefore, apply them regularly, and don’t forget to moisturize your skin to gain better resistance and elastic properties.

Breast Marks Prevention

  • Following a correct diet can help you avoid stretch marks breast, in particular during the puberty period.
  • If you need to lose some extra pounds, try to do it stepwise following a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • If you have to take steroid therapy, adhere to your doctor’s prescription.


There are several reasons behind stretch marks’ appearance. No matter what your case is, the scars are formed due to the structural damage of your skin. To avoid them, pay attention to care about your skin and keep a healthy lifestyle, in particular during such important periods of your life as puberty or pregnancy. If you need to gain or lose several pounds, avoid doing it very quickly. Remember, that moisturizing is very important for keeping the skin healthy.


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