The Benefits Of Lemon Juice


The Benefits Of Lemon Juice

The Benefits Of Lemon Juice

Limes and lemon are citrus fruits that can be squeezed to give an acidic juice which has a lot of health benefits. This juice is high on antioxidant content and is a rich source of Vitamin C. The juice of lemons helps in digestion, skincare and helps in the fight against respiratory tract infections. Adding a dash of lemon juice to anything, like green or black tea, makes it more beneficial to your health apart from adding to its flavor. This popular drink is referred to as lemon tea and is now being touted all over the world as a beverage with many health benefits.

Lemon juice has the following benefits

Vitamin C is known to increase the absorption function of the intestine. To this effect, any citrus juice such as orange, lime or grapefruit will do, but it has been proven that is the best at preventing indigestion and all its symptoms, including acidity, bloating and flatulence.

Good digestion will, in turn, lead to good bowel health. All bowel problems, like constipation, can be cured by the use of the juice. Black tea with a dash of lemon is given as a cure to those suffering from diarrhea too.

Lemons are packed with strong antibacterial properties and is a useful tool in fighting throat infections. Hot lemon tea is known to work wonders on sore throats. Lemon juice refreshes you inside out. The citrus aroma itself is known to have refreshing and recharging properties. The color of it too is a bright shade of yellow, often associated with the feeling of happiness. The juice, used in a cup of citron tea or a glass of lemonade, is said to have properties that reduce mental stress and make you smile.

Skin-Care Product

It can be used as a skin-care product since it has anti-acne properties. Ingesting juice on a regular basis has been proven to endow glowing skin on the user. Lemon juice is also said to have toothache fighting properties. It is purported to stop gum bleeding and to freshen your breath. It is a natural solution that can help you in avoiding painkillers and other medicines and chemicals.

In the past, sailors used to depend on lemons to ward off the scary disease called Scurvy. Thankfully Scurvy is a thing of the past for the present-day generation.

As you can clearly see, lemon juice is something that is so beneficial to your health that you should make sure you include it in your daily diet in some form or the other. Since it is not easy to find lemons right through the year, it is a good idea to invest in jams, juices and other preserves that use this amazing liquid.

There are many companies that process lemon juice and offer you a chance to include lemons in your staples in the form of sauces used for salad dressings or seasoning or as a flavoring for your tea. Green tea coupled with a dash of lemon juice is said to be the best preventive for cancer and is famous as an anti-aging aid.

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