Best Vegetable Oils for Women and Children

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Vegetable Oils for Pregnant Women and Children
Vegetable Oils for Pregnant Women and Children

For Pregnant women

Pregnant women Scientists currently recognize the need for a supply of essential fatty acids of quality for the good development, especially cerebral, of the fetus but also to allow the mother to live more serenely the physiological changes associated with the pregnancy and also after the birth of the child.

Dietetic Vegetable Oils

Why not make delicious sauces to decorate raw vegetables: a dessert spoon of rapeseed vegetable oil for its richness in 003 and 006 (very balanced ratio), a few drops of vegetable oil of wheat germ for its richness in vitamins A. D, E and K, a dessert spoon of avocado vegetable oil, already used by the Aztecs to boost vitality, or Argan vegetable oil (anti-oxidant, regenerating) very popular with adults. cooks, and finally lemon juice or old-fashioned mustard. Many combinations of vegetable oils are possible and when the belly rounds, the skin subjected to strong pressure its need to be well-nourished: a lotion based on vegetable oil of rosehip will allow a good regeneration Cellular, nourish deep skin.

Ensure its suppleness and vitality, vegetable oil of evening primrose or borage (rich in linoleic acid) for their remarkable regenerating power (suppleness, tonicity, elasticity), and finally a little oily macerate of calendula for its calming effect. The essential oil of rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), a very pleasant olfactory, will support the repairing power of the skin (two to three drops for 50ml of lotion). For the lower limbs, a little vegetable oil of Calophyllum can be added to this lotion to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Oils For Children

At the age when the learning is very intensive and the stimulations very numerous, the contribution of essential fatty acids (especially (03 and (06) for the good development and the internal balance of the child is essential. Studies have shown the importance of fatty acids in the family of (03 and (06 for children suffering from hyperkinesis or behavioral disorders.

Dietetic Oils

The young child experiences new flavors every day. The introduction into its diet of essential fatty acids will not only be a source of food wealth but also taste vegetable oil rapeseed. Argan. Wheat germ, evening primrose. Borage, rosehip … all interesting for the child; moreover, a few drops of vegetable oil of hazelnut perfume advantageously the desserts.

Cosmetic Oils

After the child’s bath, a small massage will ensure a soft night will allow him to better integrate his body diagram and strengthen this bond of trust so essential. Favor the sweet almond vegetable oil, soothing, recommended for fragile and dry skin; but also the musky rose of Chile and the oily macerate of calendula.

This mixture of vegetable oils will be warmed beforehand in the palm of the hand to ensure maximum comfort for our little ones. A drop of lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) will reinforce this special bond.

After an episode of childhood illness (chickenpox), a massage with vegetable oils of rosehip (regeneration in-depth) and argan (healing, nutritive) will reduce any skin traces.
For bumps and blows, a mixture of vegetable oil of calophylla, oily macerate of arnica, and a few drops of helichrysum essential oil (Helichrysum italicum) will be beneficial.

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