Benefits of White Tea for your Health

Benefits of White Tea for your Health

Benefits of White Tea
Benefits of White Tea

History and Production of White Tea in China

White Tea first appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127). The first mention of White Tea appeared in “Treatise on Tea”, written by the Emperor Huizong (1107-1110). A tea connoisseur, White Tea was his favorite and his book included highly detailed descriptions and rules for the making and judging of tea.

In 1769, the first Silver Needle Pekoe Tea was developed and in 1857, tea plants were found in Funding County in Fujian which yielded a superior White Tea. In 1885, Silver Needle Tea has developed and then White Peony Tea in 1922. In 1968 the first exports of it were made possible by new techniques of growing and processing.

White Tea is one of China’s special treasures, made from the youngest and most tender hand-picked leaf tips and buds. These give a fresh and delicate flavor and a snowy/silver colored brew from which White Tea gets its name. Because of the laborious and detail-oriented process, it’s also one of the most expensive teas produced.

White Tea is mainly produced in the Jianyang, Funding and Songxi counties in Fujian Province. These hilly territories with their red and yellow mountain soils, year-round mild climate, and abundant rainfall, contribute to White Tea’s unique character. Taiwan also produces a small amount of White Tea.

The most popular types of White Tea are White Peony and Silver Needle (Bai Hao). White Peony that is made from the first and second tips of a tea stem is the best quality and gets its name from the way the brewed leaves seem to bloom like the buds of the first flowers in springtime. Silver Needle is the most expensive of the White Teas. It is made only from the single tips of the tea stem which when dried, look like silver needles. The tea has a light yellow color and refreshing taste and aroma.

  • Production of White Tea: A quick summary of the production process is as follows-


Picked leaves are spread out to soften the cell walls of leaves. This reduces the grassy taste of tea leaves. The best white teas are made when indoor and outdoor withering processes are carefully combined: outdoor withering of the leaves on a mild summer day, followed by further withering done inside. The next steps involve removing the stems, discarding the natural waxy coating, and slow fire baking to dry the leaves after which they are packaged.

“Kill-Green” (also known as Fixing):

Stops the natural fermentation and growing processes within the leaves without damaging them. Steaming the leaves, hand pressing in a hot pan and baking techniques are used.

In reality, there are lots of distinct types of an advantage of white tea an individual can have and we’ll take a look at some folks. But we’ll supply you with a concise explanation of what green tea is. It’s created of the immature tea leaves which are going to be chosen until the buds have opened onto the plant.

The title stems from the silver fuzz which covers the buds and that then subsequently turns the tea white since it dries. There are several distinct types of it accessible and this all is based on the number of leaves to buds which are employed in every mix.

The White Peony such as has just one bud for every 2 leaves in its own mix whilst Silver Needles (the crème de la crème) is created completely in the downward buds and all these are typically selected within a two day period during Spring.

So we’ve looked at exactly what White Tea is that we shall proceed to the various benefits someone can benefit from using this specific item.

3 Healthy Advantages Of White Tea you Must Know

Benefits of White Tea for your Health
Benefits of White Tea for your Health


1. Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Consequences

It was also discovered that White Tea is more powerful than Green Tea in inactivating bacterial viruses in addition to with an anticancer impact on human pathogenic viruses.

2. Anti-Fungal Effect

There have been researching completed that imply that this comes with an antifungal impact on Penicillium chrysogenum and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

3. Skin Care and Cellular Damage Protection

Researchers have discovered the White Tea extract may protect from the Langerhans cell obliteration. It was discovered that not only the extract shielded skin following exposure to sun but also an individual’s immune system was revived too. They also revealed that the DNA damage that happens to cells following exposure to sun has been restricted. It’s thought that the anti-oxidant properties from the White Tea infusion would be the reason for this being powerful. It’s also implied that the infusion may offer an individual who has anti-aging advantages.

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