Best 07 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

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Best 07 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds
Best 07 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

We all know that sesame seeds are beneficial for health. These tiny seeds are the ingredient of many dishes due to their special paste. Although having a small size, sesame seeds can give you a number of health benefits, owing to the enormous amount of important nutrients [1] they contain.

If you are wondering what health benefits of sesame seeds are, you can read this article to know more about these miracle seeds:

1. Eliminating Cancer

You may not know but one of the most outstanding health benefits of sesame seeds is the ability to prevent cancer. It is due to the high content of powerful properties which are able to lower the chance of cancer. Furthermore, the seeds are packed with an antioxidant named phytate and magnesium [2], which are both beneficial to eliminate free radicals’ development and damages. Free radicals have been known as the causes of various heart issues, premature aging, etc. It has been proven that a proper intake of sesame seeds is helpful to inhibit several types of cancer, especially pancreatic, breast, colon, lung, prostate, and leukemia cancers.

2. Enhancing Bone Health

We cannot talk about the benefits of sesame seeds without mentioning this. The seeds can provide you with a tremendous amount of essential minerals, notably zinc, calcium, and phosphorous, which are excellent in encouraging bone health [3]. They play an important role in generating new bone matter, repairing damaged bones, and strengthening bones. It would be an ideal choice for you to consume sesame seeds every day to reduce the risk of bone diseases, for example, osteoporosis.

3. Reducing High Blood Pressure

Another awesome thing adding to sesame seeds’ health benefits is that it assists in lowering high blood pressure levels. Many studies have shown that sesame oil aids in reducing hypertension and eliminating various cardiac conditions. Furthermore, it is abundant in magnesium, which also contributes to reducing blood pressure. This will result a healthy heart and help you avoid many heart problems.

4. Beneficial for Oral Health

You may find it surprising that these tiny seeds can offer a number of health benefits, including dental health. They are active in removing dental plaque and pieces of food stuck in your mouth. Thus, your dental health can be improved. In addition, many studies have suggested that consuming sesame seeds on a regular basis helps whiten your teeth by oil pulling process, which lowers the number of streptococcus mutants [4] and teeth plaque, which have detrimental effects for oral health.

5. Aiding in Nutrient Absorption

It will be incomplete without mentioning this benefit of sesame seeds. In sesame seeds nutrition, there is a lot of lignans, the properties which are capable of boosting antioxidant [5] activity, leading to better overall health. Plus, they are rich in fatty acids, which can easily absorb fat-soluble [6] nutrients, notably antioxidants and vitamin A, D. Those agents work together and increase the absorption of the nutrients in your body.

6. Supporting for Arthritis

Those who are suffering from arthritis can be benefited a lot from sesame seeds, due to their potent zinc and copper content, which are regarded as strong anti-inflammatory properties. Those minerals are excellent in balancing bone mineral density and reduce pain and swelling which are the results of arthritis

7. Boosting Heart Health

One of the best health benefits of sesame seeds is for your heart, owing to the high content of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the sesame seeds’ nutrition facts. They contribute to inhibiting atherosclerotic lesions¬†[7], one of the causes of heart problems. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use sesame seeds regularly for a healthy heart.

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