Best Benefits of Orange Peel for Skin and Health

Best Benefits of Orange Peel

Best Benefits of Orange Peel for Skin and Health

Best Benefits of Orange Peel

Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that most people make, which is that when they eat oranges, they get rid of the orange peel because they do not realize its therapeutic importance.

This leaflet explains to you the important benefits that orange peel will contain. Which may encourage you to take advantage of it instead of throwing it in the garbage.

The Benefits and Uses of Orange Peels

According to some studies, among the most important benefits of orange peel are the following:

1- Orange peel fights a large number of types of cancer. Like skin cancer, lung, breast, stomach, and colon, it also reduces the risk of liver cancer, and the reason may be due to its containment of antioxidant protein compounds, as the peel contains substances called (poly methoxy flavones) multi-methoxy flavonoids, and the limonene complex; Where it forms a protective shield against cancer formation and development in various parts of the body.

2- The level of cholesterol in the blood is lowered due to its high content of soluble fiber, due to its high content of flavonoids that reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) in the blood.

3- Promotes cardiovascular health, as mentioned previously in the benefits of oranges, and maintains blood pressure levels.

4- Enhances iron absorption in the intestine due to its high vitamin C content.

5- It prevents constipation due to its high content of dietary fibers that facilitate the work of the intestine and support the functions of the digestive system, which prevents and treats constipation, and this also applies to eating oranges in addition to their peels because they contain high levels of dietary fiber as well.

6- Eliminates the pain resulting from headache or migraine, by boiling orange peels for ten minutes, then drinking it.

7- Benefits of Orange Peel for Face and Skin:

– Orange peel whitens the face and rids it of stains by grinding it and mixing a teaspoon of its peel powder with a teaspoon of milk to obtain a homogeneous mask. This mask is placed on the face once or twice a week and left for a period ranging between 15-20 minutes, and then washed with water to obtain the desired results.

Important for oily skin; As it is used to dry the grains, and prevent their spread.

Stimulates the blood circulation; This makes the skin pink and refreshing.

Ways to Use Orange Peel

First: Eat an amount of a medium orange peel, cut into small parts, a day.

Second: By mixing 200 grams of dried orange peel powder with 50 grams of ginger powder and 50 grams of black seeds. And put it in a glass container and take 3 teaspoons a day in the morning, evening, and night for 60 days for cancerous tumors.

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