The Best Ideal Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy

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Ideal Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy

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In aromatherapy, we are constantly referring to diluting essential natural oils in a carrier. Nevertheless, what is a carrier, and which should you choose? Here we’re going to cover the organic carrier oils that are most commonly used for topical recipes and massage.

What is a Carrier Oil?

Carrier oils are oils that are commonly pressed from the seed products, nuts, kernels, or fruits of a botanical. That they range in color and scent with regards to the plant and refinement process. Liquidy natural oils (like olive and almond) contain more unsaturated body fat, and oils higher in saturated fats (like coconut oil) will be sound at room temperature.

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Know Your Herbal Oils (Carrier Oils)

Before making a purchasing decision, there are certain things that you will want to know about your carrier oils. Here is a quick set of what to look for:

Common name: Is usually it the oil that you want?

Latin name: Is it being pressed from the botanical you are looking for? An oil sold under the same common name can be made from different species and sometimes different plants!
Plant part: What part of the plant is the oil made from?
Removal method: Oils can be made from cold-pressing (no heat), expeller-pressing (minimal heat), or solvent extraction.
Processing techniques: Is the oil raw, physically refined (no solvents used), or chemically refined? Is it winterized to remove waxes that can separate at cold temperatures?

At Mountain Rose Herbs we offer a full brand of carrier oils (organic whenever possible) that are cold-pressed or expeller-pressed. We will never offer anything that uses solvents for extraction or refinement or that are chemically refined.

While many of our oils are unrefined and only go through a filtering process for clarity, we do have some available that are physically refined to remove color, strong aromas, or, in some instances, fats, therefore, the coil won’t separate in the cold. All this information can be found in the detailed descriptions for every offering in our online store.

Right here are some of our favorite carrier oils:

4 oz. bottles of sweet cashew oil and jojoba essential oil lying on the counter with oils and lotion and handmade detergent


Latin Name & Plant Part: Simmondsia Chinensis seed
Extraction: Cold-pressed
Refinement: Unrefined
Color: Bright golden-yellow
Aroma: Faint, if any
Suggested use: Cosmetic only
Jojoba oil is a liquid wax, giving it stable shelf life. Conceptually it resembles sebum, the oil that our pores and skin naturally produce. Because of this, we love it for moisturizing massage and body oils. It can be used as just one ingredient base and does not need to be blended with other oils. Jojoba will not affect the fragrance of the finished blend.


Asian Name & Plant Part: Prunus dulcis nuts
Removal: Expeller-pressed
Refinement: Unrefined
Color: Light yellow
Aroma: Softly nutty, not too strong
Suggested use: Food and cosmetic
Almond or lovely almond oil is a classic base for body oils, creams, lotions, and soap. We love it for its emollient and moisturizing properties. It can be used as a stand-alone base, and it will not overpower the scent of a finished blend. Nevertheless, you might be able to smell a number of its nutty.

4 oz. bottle of rosehip seed oil on a counter with rosehips and other carrier oils for use


Latin Name & Plant Component: Helianthus annuus seeds
Extraction: Expeller-pressed
Refinement: Refined
Color: Light yellowish
Aroma: Practically odorless
Suggested use: Food and cosmetic
Our Non-GMO Project verified sunflower oil is light in effluvia and absorbs well into the skin. 2 weeks. wonderful single ingredient base for body oils and massage oils. This high-oleic oil will not overpower the scent of a blend.


Latin Brand & Plant Part: Olea europaea fruit
Extraction: Cold-pressed
Refinement: Unrefined
Color: Light yellowish-green
Aroma: Fatty and rich with an attribute olive fragrance
Suggested use: Food and cosmetic
This classic oil is most often used in massage oils and as a medium for herbal oil infusions. It can feel slightly junk to the touch, but it provides emollient properties to a blend and long-lasting float to massage oils. Extra virgin olive oil does have a strong aroma and can affect your finished product, but don’t let that stop you from using this wonderful carrier option.


Which include Name & Plant Component: Rosa spp. hips
Extraction: Cold-pressed
Refinement: Winterized
Color: Reddish ruby
Aroma: Weighty and wealthy
Suggested use: Cosmetic only
Rosehip seeds oil is our favorite for mature and dried-out skin, and it makes an excellent moisturizing ingredient for facial serums and lotions. This oil needs to be blended with another carrier and really should not be used as a single ingredient base. However, it might make up to 20% of your base blend. We all recommend refrigeration of this delicate oil after beginning to preserve its shelf life.

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