Best Natural Remedies at Home

Best Natural Remedies at Home
Best Natural Remedies at Home
Best Natural Remedies at Home

There are a lot of things that nature has endowed us with, one of them is the human form. Let’s see how we can take care of this in the most natural means possible.

Taking stock of the situation

More often than not, we’re undecided about what we have to eat. This happens with most of us, as we’re generally running after time. The net result of this is that we invariably eat those things that are not meant for us to be eaten. Like processed foods for example! Our staple diet would consist of two or three slices of bread, smeared with either butter or jam, with a few eggs thrown in, or perhaps some bacon. What we fail to recognize until illness knocks our doors is the importance of fruits.

Most of the fruits and vegetables in our world have been created by either God or man for a particular purpose. I am not propagating vegetarianism, but it’s true to find most of the resources around us to be laden with anti-oxidants and those that can help us build an excellent immune system. Let’s see how.

Veggies, Beverages, and Immunity

Let’s start with the typical diet of a typical working person. We are known to stuff in sufficient amounts of processed foods and preservative edibles that do us more harm than good. For example, yogurt that seems like we’re stuffing in much of those unwanted calories can actually help you the most in combating with hay fever.

Of course, you may substitute it with low-fat milk yogurt, for those who’d like to be a little easy on their tummies. For those who just cannot get rid of their headaches, consumption of fish and fish related products can help them get the necessary iodine easing out the annoying stress that headaches are known to cause. Fish is also beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. In fact fish like Salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines, actually prevent arthritis.

Oysters on the other hand are really handy while treating memory problems and temporary concentration lapses, for those who suffer from thyroid. The iodine in the fish helps you in balancing your concentration and retaining your original hair color which thyroid tends to mar. Besides fish gives your skin the luster it requires especially if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. A healthy aspect of fish is that it cooks really fast so even if you think you’re adding in calories and dropping out on nutrition, you’re not really doing so in reality. Other kinds of flesh can give you the important Vitamin K, aiding you in the clotting of blood, besides an added layer of shiny skin, but the amount of fat it might just give in to your fat cells is petrifying.


Amongst beverages, where the excess of caffeine can prove to be harmful drying up your tissues, in the long run, tea can be an easy relief, helping you strengthen your bones and also preventing the fatty deposits on your artery walls. It is no wonder that tea is recommended for people experiencing strokes. Iced tea is known to be a fantastic stress buster, soothing each nerve in your body. Honey which would otherwise dry up an oily skin when externally applied can actually be used as a tranquilizer and sedative. It is no wonder then that the combination of brandy and honey is used to put a person affected by the extremely cold climate is but to sleep almost instantly.


Of course, the effects of water are well-known especially if taken earliest in the morning. It is said according to people who practice water therapy, that water taken in the morning, especially as many as 2 liters before even brushing your teeth can help reduce the number of ailments, including cancer, obesity, inflammation of the lungs, etc.

The release of toxins thanks to large quantities of water is tremendous, and this along with a balanced diet can help you attain levels of fitness only dreamt by a man so far! Since more than seventy percent of the body is made up of water, it’s only logical for us to listen to our bodies and stick by the rule created by the Almighty for us. And if you think your body doesn’t speak to you, well, think again, and it sure does! It’s only a matter of time for us to discover how and when we need to follow its advice!


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