Best Benefits of Cinnamon and Clove Oils For Health

Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils
Best Benefits of Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils

Cinnamon and clove oils are great for health. It has powerful healing properties, positive effects on cholesterol, and is effective for weight loss. Learn more about the benefits of these oils and how to use them effectively.

There’s no doubt about it, cinnamon and cloves – or at least their smell and taste – are indelibly associated with Christmas festivities. What would a Christmas pudding be without these amazing seasonings? And when I grew up, everybody had to have a bit of Christmas pud after the meal, no matter how small. It wouldn’t be Christmas without, would it?

There’s much more to these spices than just at Christmas. Cinnamon is used in many Eastern dishes, though you probably won’t be able to pick it out from all the other flavors. Recent research has found that it is an amazingly beneficial addition to the diet, as it lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as being an effective treatment for arthritic pain.

Cloves are used in herbal medicine to treat indigestion and nausea, and chewing on a clove is a folk remedy for toothache.

Cinnamon and cloves are associated with Christmas

So far as the essential oil goes, two of the three essential oils extracted from cinnamon and cloves are only suitable for professional use and the third should never be used at all.

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs or the dried inner bark (shown in the picture – this is the part used as a spice) of the Cinnamomum verumtree. This produces 2 distinct essential oils. The first iscinnamon bark oil, whichshould not be usedin aromatherapy, as it is toxic. It is mainly used by the food industry. The other,cinnamon leaf oil, is safe if used in moderation, though probably best left for professionals. It can, however, be used as a room fragrance.

Recent research has found an amazing range of purposes for the spice, cinnamon. Visit our sister site, Herbal Medicine from Your Garden, for more information on thehealth benefits of cinnamon

What are the Benefits of Cinnamon Oils and Clove Essential Oils?

Cinnamon and clove essential oils are among the most widely used in aromatherapy. They have been used for many decades in natural medicine to help relieve pain, improve mood, and treat a variety of health problems.

A study published by the Journal of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine found that cloves essential oils could help fight off both bacterial and viral infections.

The different benefits of cinnamon and clove essential oil include:

  • Improving blood circulation

Blood circulation is vital to the functioning of our entire body. It helps maintain a healthy heart rate, regulate body temperature, and oxygenate the blood. The scented essential oils Cinnamon Oil and Clove Essential Oil are believed to have numerous health benefits for improving blood circulation.

  • Boosting memory function

Cinnamon Oils and Clove Essential Oils are two essential oils that are commonly used for their health benefits. These oils have been proven to help boost memory function and improve mental performance.

Cinnamon and clove essential oils contain antioxidants that prevent the damage caused by free radicals in the body, helping to slow down or prevent memory loss. They also contain compounds called phenols which have been shown to boost memory function, regulate neurotransmitters, improve mood, and reduce stress levels.

  • Increasing metabolism

Cinnamon and Clove oils have a long history of use. They have been used for weight loss, muscle recovery, and even as a stimulant to improve metabolism.

Researchers have found that these oils may increase metabolic rate by about 10% for up to 12 hours after ingestion. They also help the body break down fatty acids more efficiently and regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Reducing inflammation

A relatively new term, inflammation, is becoming very popular in the health world. A lot of research has been done in the past decade that has led to many discoveries on how to reduce inflammation.

The use of Cinnamon oils and Clove essential oils are two ways to reduce inflammation. When it comes to reducing inflammation, these oils can help with pain relief and improve sleep quality. With this article, we will guide you through the science behind these oils and how they work inside your body

Cinnamon and Cloves

Clove bud oilis extracted from cloves, which are the flower buds ofSyzygium aromaticum. This is the safest type of clove oil, though even this should not be used by beginners except for one purpose. A cotton bud soaked in clove oil makes a wonderful topical emergencytoothache remedy.

Great for times when no dentist is available (like Christmas), but not for long-term use. Don’t overdo it, as the more you use it on any particular occasion, the less well it works, and in any case, clove oil is not good for you in any quantity. Get thee to a dentist as soon as possible if you need this remedy! And here’s hoping you don’t need it over the next few days at least.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or some other festival at this time of year, I hope you had (or will have) a great time and I wish you a happy New Year.

How to use Cinnamon and Clove Oil?

Cinnamon is a popular ingredient in many dishes from Asian to Mexican cuisine. It has been used for culinary purposes for centuries. On the other hand, Clove Oil is a common ingredient in many natural health products.

Cinnamon and Clove Oil are both used extensively in different types of food and drinks. If you’re going to cook with Cinnamon, make sure that you use ground Cinnamon because it’s easier to measure that way and the oil will also help to carry the flavor well.

What are Cinnamon oils with Clove Oils’ side effects?

Cinnamon oils have been said to have a positive effect on digestion and help with weight loss. Clove oils on the other hand are more popular for their antiseptic properties, which is why some people use them as a treatment for some common ailments.

Although these oils help with the digestive system, they can cause nausea and vomiting in high doses. It can also cause drowsiness and fatigue as well as increase people’s blood pressure. These side effects also occur when they are used more than three times a day or taken orally in high doses.

Clove oil is toxic when taken orally in high doses, so it’s best to use Cinnamon oils in moderation – just like any other Essential Oils.

Where to get your Cinnamon and Clove Oils

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