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Complete Guide - Different types of Skin Diseases with Skin Care Tips 
Complete Guide - Different types of Skin Diseases with Skin Care Tips 

The condition of the skin is reported to identify the health of one’s external health. It is the largest organ in the body, yet it is believed that the kidneys, lungs, and heart should be a higher priority, as when we are overworked these are the organs that may have access to our nutritional reserves first. This, in turn, might result in the skin to show damage at a quick rate than any other area of the body.

However, sometimes, skin problems might occur with no exact reason. Skin problems might arise due to diet. Certain foods and supplements are thought to help the skin look young for lengthier periods, which might help to slow down the aging process.

There are a few different types of skin diseases, including the following below:


The signs of Eczema are reported to be dry itchy red rashes, which might be treated with emollients and steroid cream, however, symptoms might return. Eczema may be resulted from suffering from food allergies.

Individuals that suffer from eczema often do not have the ability to processfatty acids. However, by supplementing Gamma Lionelic Acid (GLA)which is discovered inevening primrose oilorstarflower oil,it is believed they might help overcome this block and stop the condition. Herbalists have advised takinglicoriceand preparations of burdock, due to their anti-inflammatory effects.ZincandVitamin Asupplementsmay be helpful as both nutrients are said to help promote skin repair.


Psoriasis is a skin disease where skin cells are thought to replicate rapidly, which might result in reddened plaques covered with silvery scales that continue to peel off. Amongst the male sufferers, alcohol is thought to be the major cause of the condition occurring.

Sunlight has been viewed to be beneficial for this condition whilst Gluten has been said to make the condition worse. However, it has been recommended not to eliminate nutritious grain foods out of one’s diet. Fish oil might help by exerting an anti-inflammatory effect.
Another believed the cause of psoriasis is a poor liver function; so, it has been reported that supplementing the liver- cleansing herb, milk thistle, might be helpful.

Another herbthat might help isSARSAPARILLAas it may help disperse gut-derived toxins implicated in psoriasis.


Hormones are thought to be the major factor behind acne. This is due to the overproduction of sebum that results in pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. The symptoms of acne are said to include hard red bumps on the skin and red, inflamed skin with fluid-filled lumps or cysts.

Diet is thought not to be the trigger of acne, however, deficiency ofessential fatty acids(e.g.Omega 3), might play a role. Consuming morenuts, such as almonds and walnuts is said to be useful. It is also possible that acne may be hereditary.

TakingSelenium supplements are considered to be useful as it promotes a healthy immune system, keeping acne-causing bacteria in full check. Zinc supplements are believed to be useful, as they are said to enhance immunity functioning and may promote healthy hormone levels.

The herbCastleberryis viewed as beneficial for treating menstruation linked acne.

Swallow skin

Dull skin is believed to be a symptom of a weak system that has overindulged on too many carbohydrates and has had a little exercise. The skin often tends to appear lifeless throughout the winter months due to the light it is in. Winter light has a blue cast that is believed to make an individual look paler. Summer light, however, sheds a warm yellow glow.

How it has been advised to prevent Swallow skin

Facial steaming is viewed as beneficial for relaxing and soothing and in boosting circulation that might help in cleansing deep down and softening, the skin.
Once the skin is streamed, it is believed that it becomes more receptive to other skin brightening treatments, for example, face masksand radiance-enhancing moisturizers.

– A great facial scrub is thought to help brighten up the skin and has been recommended to be done frequently.

– It has been advised to change make- up. Warm berry shades for the lips, flattering rose tones, which are thought to show a natural flush on cheeks, shimmering golden cream or powder over the temples, on the browbones and on top of the cheekbones, have been suggested to make skin appear fresh, glowing and healthy.

Supplements said to improve the skin

– Consuming the supplements, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium,andbeta-carotene might help combat wrinkles, age spots, and loose skin.

– To improve the texture and moisture of hair and skin, it has been recommended to supplement iron, zinc,andbeta-carotene supplements.

– TakingVitamin C is believed to enhance the connective tissue of the skin.

B Vitamins are seen as important for the health of hair, skin, and nails.

Evening primrose oil supplementsare reported to be highly beneficial for skin, as they featuregamma-linoleic acid, seen as anessential fatty acidreported to help strengthen skin cells and increase moisture content.

Nutrients that have been recommended for protecting skin from UV damage

Vitamin C – Vitamin Cis believed to help in protecting against resistance to sunburn.
Vitamin E– To help fight against resistance to sunburn it has been suggested to consume thisvitamin.
Fish Oils – Fish oilsmay fight against both UVA and UVB radiation in people with sensitivity to light.


Skin frequently produces new cells and gets rid of old cells. Normally, skin renews its cells on a monthly basis. Exfoliating creams and scrubs are believed to eliminate dead skin cells, the pressure put during exfoliation is thought to increase circulation and help aid cell production. It has been advised to exfoliate skin every few days.


Using a toner after cleansing is believed to help make skin feel fresh and eliminate impurities. Commercial toners and floral waters are popular.Rosewateris said to be excellent to use for dry complexions,chamomile waterhas been used frequently as a toner for normal and sensitive skins.


The natural moisturizing factor (NMF) is known to monitor the water flow from the demis to the surface. Sebumis thought to help combat moisture loss, which forms a barrier on the surface of the skin and this, in turn, is believed to delay water evaporation. Production ofNMFandSebum may fail with age and this is why it is believed we need a water monitoring moisturizer. It has been reported that all various skin types need moisturizing at least twice daily.

There are two separate kinds of moisturizers, humectant moisturizer, an occlusive moisturizer. The Humectants moisturizer draws up water from the depths of the dermis. Occlusive moisturizer forms an oily film on the surface of the skin to seal in moisture and preventing it from evaporating into the atmosphere.

Lip care

Lips are believed to require protection as they lack many of the body’s protective substances. Without a lipid barrier, they may lose moisture regularly and they are prone to dryness as well. If they do not have melanin, thought of as the body’s natural protector they might burn very easily. It has been advised to wear a protective Lip balm featuring a sun filter or lipstick with a high SPF when outdoors. Vaselinehas been used to monitor the condition of lips.

Sun exposure and pollution

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays are believed to be harmful to the skin as it is reported to raise the production of free radicals, which may change DNA, by damaging it directly.
The damage done might affect the skins under layers (dermis and epidermis) and may also affect their ability to create new collagen and elastin. Pollution may promote the production of free radicals and may, in turn, reduce the skins’ self-repairing capability.

Exposure to the sun and various atmospheric conditions may lead to a lack of skin moisture and dry skin, which may result in wrinkling. If the skin is totally protected from the sun it might stay relatively unlined through a lifetime.

Dry Skin

Skin tends to become drier as we become older. This is believed to be partly due to the sebaceous glands below the skin, which create oil. It is thought that skin tends to dry due to the wind, cold, sun, and many other climatic conditions, so it is believed to be essential to protect the skin by using a moisturizer that promotes both oil retention and stops dehydration.

It has been recommended that moisturizers should contain a mixture of oils and water. Night creams are thought to be similar to moisturizers, but feature lower water content, making it a thicker product. They may also have greater active ingredients than daily moisturizer.

Thinning Skin

Sagging and thinning skin might arise due to a decrease in collagen and elastin levels. Creams that containproteinsandamino acids are said to offer firming and protection from sagging.

Using creams containingVitamin Cis said to increase collagen production. It is said that sagging tends to occur because the underlying muscles are both weak and stretched.

Flushing and Ruddiness

Hot flushes might result in blushing and redness. It is said that the best solution for preventing this is to spray the face with a cooling water mist.

Using a green-tinted foundation might decrease redness to a minimum. Having a ruddy complexion might be due to drinking vast amounts of alcohol or leading a poor lifestyle.


Cellulite may be described as the layers of body fat under the skin, usually, around the hips and thighs of women, cellulite tends to be visible in the body during midlife and through periods of low physical activity, as skin might lose elasticity and firmness.

A better diet and more physical activity are considered to help prevent cellulite by creating energy that might aid fat burn. Cellulite creams oroilshave also been used as they are believed to penetrate deep into the skin to end up in the cellulite cells.

Maintain Clear And Healthy Skin With Herbs

herbs for acne

There are several very potent natural herbs that aid in maintaining clear, healthy skin. Most of them work to purify the inside of the body, reducing the number of toxins and acne-causing bacteria in the bloodstream. One of the leading causes of acne is an overworked and sluggish liver, causing an excess of bad bacteria in the body. When there are too much of this unhealthy bacteria in the blood, acne forms beneath the skin and surfaces as those annoying pimples and break-outs.

Here is a list of the best herbs for acne

Dandelion– A strong antioxidant and antiviral agent, dandelion has long been used to treat liver problems, kidney disease, and several variations of skin disorders, including acne. It works to purify the blood, aiding in liver function, and flushes out bad bacteria before it gets the chance to surface as acne. Dandelion is also a great source of vitamin A, B, C, and D, zinc, potassium, and iron.

Burdock root

One of the best-known herbs to purify the blood, burdock is also popular for treating liver, kidney, digestive, and skin disorders.

Yellow dock root

Removes toxins from the blood, aids in waste removal, and decreases the workload on the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder.

Red clover

Aids in the immune system and relieves congestion of the liver; also contains isoflavones which help to regulate and balance hormone production. Hormone imbalance is another huge cause of acne, and Red Clover and Licorice root greatly assist the body in sorting out major imbalances.

Licorice root

Cures a wide array of liver disorders, great antiviral agent boosting the immune system, and contains phytoestrogens to aid in keeping a healthy hormone balance.

These herbs can generally be found in a supplemental blend, available at health food stores. Take them between 1-3 times daily for at least 30 days. Results are not instant, but you will see improvements within 30 days! Fighting acne from the inside is a long-term solution because these herbs will fight the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

However, the best way to fight acne is both from the inside AND the outside. The ClearPores acne-fighting system comes with an herbal supplement and acne-clearing cleanser and repairing lotion for topical treatment. This is the most effective system for treating acne from the inside AND the outside, you can try it here.


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