6 Convincing Health Reasons To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes


6 Convincing Health Reasons To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

6 Convincing Health Reasons To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
6 Convincing Health Reasons To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

It is a fact that using electronic cigarettes is the most effective alternative to tobacco-based cigarettes. Despite the huge popularity electronic cigars have received over the past several years, some smokers are still reluctant to make the switch from traditional cigarettes.

If you care for your health, that of your family, friends, coworkers, and the people around you, you will not hesitate to make the move today. You do not need to look for a shop to purchase these devices. You can simply order them online. There are strong health reasons that will convince you to make the switch. Some of them are:

1/ No second-Hand Smoke –

The effects of smoking tobacco on the smoker are obvious. However, the worst part about smoking traditional cigarettes is because of the smoke they produce. Often other people around the smoker inhale this smoke with or without their knowledge, and this is known as second-hand smoking.

Scientists say this kind of smoke is even more harmful than the one the smoker inhales. The inhalers will experience two times the effects the smoker will experience. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes only produce vapor, which is water and does not contain nicotine or any other substance.

2/ Effective for Quitting Smoking –

If you have decided to turn over a new leaf in your life and quit cigarette smoking, you will certainly agree it is not easy to do so. There are numerous recommendations to help you quit tobacco smoking but often most do not work. You find yourself going back to the same habit.

You can now use electronic cigarettes to help you kick out the habit. The cigarettes allow you to enjoy your nicotine in a low-risk environment while you are trying to quit. They also allow you to reduce gradually the level of nicotine you take every day.

3/ It saves your Money –

Some tobacco cigarette smokers are so much addicted to the habit that they spend a significant amount of cash on it, and neglect other important matters such as buying healthy food. If you cannot do without your daily dose of nicotine, you can at least reduce the amount of money you put into it by using electronic cigarettes.

Most of these e-cigars last for days or weeks without draining the nicotine solution. Even though the initial cost is more than your regular cigarette, it will be cheaper in the end. You can then use the extra money towards healthy pursuits such as having a balanced healthy diet.

4/ It is Useable Anywhere –

One of the most frustrating moments of smokers is when they have to leave a building or workplace to be able to smoke their cigarettes. This is because of the smoking restriction that many states have put in place. In public, you can only smoke in smoke zones or risk getting in trouble with the law.

This does not have to be your experience if you switch to electronic cigarettes. Since the cigarettes do not produce smoke, you can smoke them in public without exposing others to second-hand smoke. There are no laws governing the smoking of e-cigar in public.

5/ Keeps you Clean –

The smell of tobacco is repulsive for most people. Smokers often smell filthy and dirty. Some go to great lengths to eliminate or mask the smell. Tobacco also affects your teeth because of tar. You end up having unsightly and unhygienic yellowish teeth. To reverse or avoid these effects and remain clean while enjoying your smoke, you should switch to e-cigars.

6/ Conserves the Environment –

This may come as a surprise but using e-cigars actually conserves the environment. First, since these devices do not produce any smoke, they keep the atmosphere clean. Second, it reduces the amount of non-biodegradable waste in the country. For instance, one electronic cigarette is equal to two 20-pack tobacco cigarettes.

If you have been holding back from making the move to e-cigars because of personal preferences, you should take a long, hard look at the potential health and financial benefits. If you are still new to the electronic smoking experience, you may want first to try out disposable kits and see how that goes. You are sure to like the experience, at which point you can buy a reusable kit.

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