Flu Vaccination – Truth, Myths, and Misconceptions

Flu Vaccination – Truth, Myths, and Misconceptions

Flu Vaccination – Truth, Myths, and Misconceptions

Flu Vaccination – Truth, Myths, and Misconceptions

Flu is a very dangerous disease – without a doubt, it is one of the most widespread infectious diseases. Flu still takes too many lives, and flu complications, unfortunately, are not rare, especially in children! There is no better and more efficient way to combat the flu than vaccination, but it is amazing how many misconceptions still exist about Flu Vaccination:

Winter passed, and there is time for the vaccine

  • It is impossible to predict the arrival of the virus.
  • It takes time to feel the effect of the vaccine – it takes a few weeks (sometimes longer) for the immune system to fight the flu. Therefore, you should not wait until the last minute to receive the first dose of the vaccine when the flu already occurred.
  • The vaccine is not exactly the safest, who knows how it is prepared – Total delusion!
  • The classic flu vaccine is made by splitting the flu virus that is no longer able to cause the flu – this means that a child cannot get flu “from the vaccine.” That’s why it is called the split vaccine. For many years, using the most modern technology and procedures, the flu vaccine is one of the safest! Flu Vaccination, It is pointless to vaccinate children and healthy people – the vaccine is only for high-risk groups – Not quite right!
  • The official recommendation of the World Health Organization and the vast majority of pediatric associations around the world is that as many children and people are vaccinated
  • less likely the chance for an epidemic.
  • Once I was vaccinated and it is enough, I don’t need a flu vaccine every year.
  • Not true, and the reason is simple – immunity against influenza is time-limited and has to be renewed! Also, there are several types of viruses that cause the flu, and usually every year “the main culprit” is changed.
  • Mom, Dad, grandparents – everyone was vaccinated, so the children do not have to get it.
  • It is good that all adults are vaccinated, but why “skip” the children? As already mentioned, the vaccine is “clean” and safe, so there is no reason for children older than six months to be removed from the list “for vaccination against influenza.

Receiving the vaccine is very painful – the child will be scared of doctors

– Not so! It is a little painful, but with a gentle approach and a slow injection of the contents of the vaccine, the pain is really mild and brief. Re-vaccine (second dose) is given one month after the first dose.

Complications are frequent and dangerous – so I’m not going to get vaccinated

Complications are possible but rare and mild! It is important that the child is healthy before vaccination – then there are fewer chances for complications. A slight reaction on the injection site can occur – redness and swelling, but it does not require attention and treatment.

An allergic reaction to a vaccine is possible, but it almost always occurs in children who are allergic to eggs. Therefore, avoid the flu vaccine for children allergic to eggs!

A vaccine against the “standard” flu protects against the H1N1 virus  – Unfortunately, it does not protect!

-The H1N1 virus is really specific – equipped with an “immune shield” to defend it from the standard influenza vaccine. Therefore, the only effective prevention is the flu vaccine developed specifically against the H1N1 virus.

There is no way to avoid “needle” – it is the only way of vaccination – Not so!

– For several years there is a nasal spray flu vaccine. This vaccine is expensive, but much more comfortable than the classic one because there is no “needle” and it is effective as the “standard” vaccine.

More and more pediatricians are against vaccine

Fortunately, this is not true! Despite the aggressive “anti-vaccine lobby” there are few pediatricians who do not accept the official recommendations of the World Health Organization!


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