Frankincense Benefits and Uses “Best Treasure Natural”

Frankincense "Treasure Natural"

Frankincense "Treasure Natural"

Frankincense is called the “oliban” and “the proportion of the city of Shahr in Hadramaut.” The kind that is called in Arabic is called Liban or loban, and the word loban is of ancient Arab origin.

This old word was transferred to Greek, and Libanos became, although its name in some European languages is different from this word, it is in English called Frankincense, but the word kinder is urban.

One of the benefits of Frankincense, known scientifically as Boswellia Carterii, is that it is strengthened for the heart and the brain and beneficial from dullness, forgetfulness, and misunderstanding, and is useful from the puffs and diarrhea of blood if he drinks or spun half a dirham of it “teaspoon”, and the doctors of the Pharaohs used it in the treatment of touching and exorcising evil spirits. It goes coughing, roughness, chest aches, kidney weakness, and wasting, and it repairs and breaks the severity of medications.

One way to use it: a teaspoon of Frankincense powder dissolved in water and drinks on the empty every day at once.

What did the elders say about Frankincense?

Ibn al-Bitar said: “The Frankincense catches, heats and darkens the darkness of sight, fills the old sores and tears it, and softens the soft surgeries and destroys it and cuts off the bleeding of blood from any whereabouts and bleeding from the blocking of the brain, which is said to be coughing, which is a kind of tremor and inhabits it.

Prevents sores that are in complex and in other organs, if mixed with honey, burn the sputum, dry the chest moisture, strengthen the weak stomach, and heat it. The Frankincense digests food and expels the wind. The smoke of the Frankincense, if burned with the mushrooms, has sprouted the felt.” The ancient Egyptians used it as an external paint for headache, rheumatism, eczema, burns rot, joint pain, and facial wrinkles.

The gum of the Frankincense and its benefits for the human

Mixed with olive oil or sesame to remove ear pain and mixed with mountain raisins and thyme to treat the weight of the tongue and bitter gum known as gum drains taper is useful against coughing and it is better to soak it in water and drink it in the morning and the amount taken from it is to fill a spoon ate soaked in a cup of cold water and leave 12 hours and then drain and drink It is also useful for people with gum pain as a bandage.

Frankincense – The way it is used for the human being

Bring a glass case and have a tight cover be small box and take a spoonful of gum and put it inside the glass box and pour on it water or water and rose becomes we have soaked gum and then leave it soaked in the box from night until morning you will find water changed color and became whitewash your face with any lotion for the skin then bring Cotton and wet it with drenched milk and wipe your face and neck in it and leave it for a quarter of an hour no more and then wash it and then you will see your face after how it became tight and resourced and open and try it for a week only and you will find a huge result by will.

Frankincense (Unknown Treasure and Natural Cortisone)

Bitter frankincense or what is popularly known as dissonant gum contains a very high amount of cortisone anti-inflammatory and analgesic pain, and surprisingly, the natural cortisone found in: this frankincense is not compared to the chemical industrial cortisone, because its chemical cortisone has Damaged, side effects, and complications on the body.
It is worth mentioning that western countries have made several drugs of natural pure cortisone extracted from frankincense, which has no side effects at all.

Benefits of frankincense

  • 1- Disinfectant and tonic for the cellular system.
  • 2- General disinfectant for the whole body internally and externally.
  • 3- Anti-bloating and gas.
  • 4- Regulator for digestive functions.
  • 5- Diuretic and antiseptic for the urinary system.
  • 6- A uterine tonic and a disinfectant for the reproductive system.
  • 7- Tranquilizer.
  • 8- It is used in beauty products and extracts disinfectants and scented substances.
  • 9. Immune system regulator: It is used as a disinfectant for it and eliminates harmful microbes and bacteria and cleanses wounds without any side effects.
  • 10. Very important for oral health where: Prevents decay and strengthens the gums and cleanses the mouth and tongue of bacteria and microbes as it is a reliever of toothache and uses a perfect wash to cleanse the mouth and treat for bad breath.
  • 11. Respiratory tonic and disinfectant: It is a coughing balm, severe cough, remover, and powerful repellent of sputum and excess mucous secretions from the respiratory tract.
  • Anti-bronchitis and decongestant of the ent, throat, pharynx, trachea, and lungs. And a sedative for the entire respiratory system because it’s anti-inflammatory. It greatly reduces popular asthma attacks. It is a pain reliever and headache, relieves colds, flu, and temperature regulator.

  • 12. Gas repellent: It regulators the movement of the small and large intestine and expels painful excess gases. Its formation is forbidden to dwell on abdominal pain and chest pain.
  • 13. Anti-indigestion: Cures chronic indigestion and acidity in the stomach without any side effects. It helps in the secretion of digestible bile, gastric juice, and acids that regulate digestion. It facilitates the movement of food in the intestines.

Note: The topic of benefits of medicinal herbs is not a medical reference and please see a doctor.

Frankincense "Treasure Natural"

Skincare: Frankincense cream to remove wrinkles and dig the face

Benefits of frankincense cream

  • • It helps tighten sagging skin.
  • fills wrinkles.
  • It helps the elasticity of the skin.
  • Glasses and skin clarity.
  • It helps to speed up cell regeneration.
  • Protects the skin from aging.
  • Treats dark circles and wrinkles under the eye.
  • Hide the scars of wounds and brown spots in the skin.
  • It opens the skin where collagen is considered natural and is considered natural cortisone.
  • Fills the facial pits.
  • It helps to eliminate acne.

ingredients of frankincense cream

1-1 tablespoon of gum from attar.
2- One cup of boiling water.
3- One teaspoon of cornstarch.

The way to prepare

  1. We soak the frankincense in boiling water from night to morning and in the morning we filter it.
  2. We put a teaspoon of starch in the previous mixture and mix it well on the cold and put it on the fire for two minutes and turn the fire and until it turns and becomes like cream.

How to use frankincense cream

We take the right amount of cream and put it on the face for an hour and wash your skin with lukewarm water and then rose water to lock the pores.

General Notes: It is necessary to put the previous cream prepared in the refrigerator or refrigerator and use it for 3 to 4 days and we put another quantity so as not to spoil the cream.

Frankincense Side Effect

Frankincense is a very popular essential oil that is used as an ingredient in perfume, skincare, and beauty products.

Frankincense has been used as a perfume, food flavoring, and a healing agent for centuries. It is widely known for its benefits to the skin and hair. There are different types of Frankincense such as Boswellia carterii and Boswellia serrata.

It has been found that Frankincense can cause allergic reactions such as contact dermatitis and contact urticaria. This article focuses on side effects of Frankincense like allergies like contact dermatitis and contact urticaria which may be triggered by the use of the essential oil.

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