Stay Healthy with Live Juice Detox Diet


Stay Healthy with Live Juice Detox Diet

Stay Healthy with Live Juice Detox Diet

Have you ever felt a constant sense of sluggishness? You know you’re getting enough sleep, you’re taking your vitamins, you’re eating right (or so you think), and yet you’re just exhausted?

Impurities in our food, our water, and our air all have to be filtered through our body. Sometimes the body just gets tired of having to deal with everything, and you feel it in your energy level. Your energy is low, and there’s no one thing you can point to as the cause. The good news is there is a way to detoxify your blood, cells, and organs that will increase your energy significantly, and the cleansing will last a couple of years.

First, you must clean out your liver and kidneys; these organs are the body’s filters. A combination of dandelion and alfalfa tea, two cups a day for a week, will jump-start the body to detoxing. You may notice a significant increase in your trips to the bathroom. This is because the body is ridding itself of unneeded water weight. Make sure, too, that you drink plenty of pure water during this time. Distilled water is best, and filtered is second best. Next, do a live juice fast for three days. You may keep taking your regular multi-vitamin every day along with your juice, and you can add a scoop of protein powder if you feel it is necessary. A live juice fast is important as it concentrates the nutrients, and your body assimilates them very quickly. It is best to use organic produce if you can. If it is not avaiable in your area or is too cost-prohibitive, then make sure you wash all your produce in a diluted lemon juice bath. This will remove pesticides.

Stay Healthy with Detox Diet

Next, start taking a fiber supplement. The best is psyllium husk powder; use it according to package directions. Just add it to juice or water and drink it down quickly. It may look a little unappetizing, but so is all of the buildups in your intestines. Frequently, pockets of sludge will form in your intestines. This program will get to work on those pockets and renew your vitality. The psyllium may cause some bloating or gas, and that can be prevented by drinking two large glasses of water immediately after taking the psyllium. I recommend taking it at night and drinking hot tea in the morning, thereby causing a bowel movement as soon as possible.

If you notice any unpleasant odor in your bathroom habits, this is a good sign. It tells you your body is ridding itself of wastes that have been in your system for some time. When the body’s organs are functioning optimally, there is no odor. Two weeks after you start psyllium husk, add colon cleanse to the juice mix. Use according to package directions only and do not use longer than six months at a time. The colon cleanse will clean out most of whatever the psyllium leaves behind. Prunes are the next item to consider. Prunes get everything moving fast, and part of the reason toxins have built up is because the intestines have slowed down their processing of food.

The herb cat’s claw also cleanses the intestinal tract. Frequently, the tract is damaged from pockets forming, and we experience “leaky gut syndrome.” It means our intestines leak waste products back into our bodies. Asthma and allergies can both be attributed to this. Try adding a cat’s claw to your morning tea. You may not need your inhaler as much if at all.

The next phase of the plan is to get rid of any unwanted parasites. The cat’s claw will help with that as will garlic. If you feel a persistent little tickle under your skin and then nothing, well, you just killed a parasite. Parasites can’t stand garlic. There are a couple of different ways to take garlic. One, by mouth, is easy and fast. The other requires a little preparation. It’s a garlic oil enema. This will cleanse the lower intestine, where cancer is most likely to appear in the intestinal tract. If you decide to do this and you experience gobs of white matter in the toilet bowl, don’t be alarmed, that’s just bleached red meat that’s been in your body for years. Can you see now why your energy is so low?

The last portion of the detox plan is exercise. Do you want to get rid of toxins? Try sweating. Powerwalking, a vigorous bike ride, and/or 100 stomach crunches all get the body sweating out wastes built up from years of sitting on the couch. Of course, this means you must take care of your skin also, so it can rid itself of the excess waste. Try dry brushing your skin with strokes toward the heart (i.e., your strokes on your legs will be in an upward motion).

Hopefully, these methods won’t seem too challenging or “gross” to try. The end result is more vitality, better health, and reduced cancer risk.

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