How to Naturally Cure Hyperactivity

How to Naturally Cure Hyperactivity

How to Naturally Cure Hyperactivity

How to Naturally Cure Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity is a chronic problem that 50% of kids continue into adulthood

Hyperactivity is a condition in which a person is abnormally active. Statistics show that nearly one in ten children in the Western world is hyperactive. Hyperactive children have a constant need for movement. They find it difficult to sit still and quietly carry out their activities. They keep talking and they are very impatient.

Together with hyperactivity disorder, often occurs attention deficit disorder. This problem is called ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children who have attention deficit disorder do not listen when addressed, they cannot concentrate, and they quickly become bored and cannot be organized. Such children often have learning problems and poor grades in school.

Hyperactive people usually cannot follow the rules and regulations, it is difficult for them to fit in and often become a problem for society. Therefore the medicine tries to “calm them down”. Because of this, it is the right time to turn to the natural solution for this problem.

What does alternative medicine offer?

Many alternative doctors believe that hyperactivity is a fictional disease.

Abnormal behavior in children can be caused by:

  • toxins and heavy metals in food and the environment
  • poor nutrition
  • allergies to mold
  • vaccination
  • emotional stress
  • physical or psychological abuse

Lately, there is more and more evidence that poor diet and toxins can cause hyperactive behavior. An unhealthy diet, which contains a lot of sweets, soft drinks, and snacks, is also at the top of the list of possible causes of hyperactivity in children. When children consume sweets and soft drinks, especially on an empty stomach, their blood sugar level is increasing dramatically. During the period of increased blood sugar levels, the child is in a state of biochemical shock. Such a sudden increase and then decrease in blood sugar levels can cause hyperactivity and hamper a child’s concentration and learning.

Recently it has been observed that many hyperactive children have an allergy to mold. After the elimination of mold from food and living space, children are better behaved and faster learning. Use fresh ingredients for food, preferably from local or organic farming. Avoid foods that may contain pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.

The research confirmed that omega-3 fatty acids provide results better than “Ritalin” and “Concerta”. The best natural source of omega-3 fatty acids is flax seed oil; it contains twice as many omega-3 fatty acids as fish oil. The recommended intake of flaxseed oil is 1000 mg (1 tablespoon) per 50 kg of body weight.

Hyperactivity is not a disease but a disorder that reflects the state of our diet, relationships, and environment. This disorder can heal in a natural way, without risk to the health and life of your child because of drugs like Ritalin.


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