Kidney Disease – Symptoms and Causes

Kidney Disease - Symptoms and Causes
Kidney Disease - Symptoms and Causes
Kidney Disease – Symptoms and Causes

Kidney disease is the inflammation of the kidney, believed to be caused by a number of conditions, which may result in kidney failure.

The kidney might be damaged by taking drugs, environmental pollutants and suffering from infectious illnesses such as tonsillitis and measles which might result in a damaged kidney. Renal failure may, in turn, result in damage to kidneys. This is thought to be a result of several disorders such as heart failure, diabetes, and liver disease. It has been reported that Kidney failure might be treated by dialysis or kidney transplantation.

What are believed to be the major symptoms of Kidney disease?

– Fluid retention in relation to limited urine production and accumulation of salt and other wastes in the body.

– Suffering from abdominal and back pain might be a symptom of kidney disease.

– Another sign is believed to be urine being cloudy or bloody.

Possible ways to prevent Kidney disease

– It is said to be vital to eliminate salt andpotassium chloride from a diet.

– A diet that is abundant in raw foods, including, bananas,garlic, nuts, pulses, andseedsis said to help prevent kidney disease.

– It is said to be essential to drink vast amounts of fruit and vegetable juices.

Soya products have been recommended to be included in diets as they feature Lecithin, which is thought to help in combating kidney inflammation.

– Products yeast thought to contain vital mineralsandB Vitamins, which help kidney function and reduce fluid retention is said to be useful.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are reported to be the accumulations ofminerals that enter into the urinary tract. Suffering from kidney stones has been related to numerous factors such as, dehydration, because urine ends up concentrated, which might raise the likelihood of precipitation. There are four separate forms of kidney stones. They are reported to be calcium oxalate, magnesium ammonium phosphate, and uric acid stones.

It is thought that approximately 10% of individuals in the Western World might suffer from kidney stones at one stage in their lives. It is frequently occurring for males aged between 30 and 60.

What are believed to be the possible signs of Kidney stones?

Suffering from back pains, constant urination, hot sweating, fever, flu, and odorous/cloudy urine are all said to be possible symptoms of kidney stones. The signs of kidney stones are believed to be some of the most painful of all health problems.

How it has been recommended to combat and treat kidney stones

– Drinking vast amounts of water is thought to be an essential way of combating kidney stones.

– Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices are said to be beneficial in combating kidney stones.

– Eliminating foods that are rich in saturated fats and animal fats, as they create excessive amounts of acid in the body, which might produce the body to excrete calcium, has been suggested.

Magnesiumis thought to be essential for preventing kidney stones, as it raises the solubility of calcium oxalate and reducing the risk of stone formation. Healthy sources ofmagnesiumare thought to includeSoyaproducts and brown rice.Magnesium supplements may also be consumed.

– Orange-colored fruits and vegetables are reported to help prevent kidney stone formation as they are abundant in Vitamin A.
– It has been recommended to try and avoid drinking coffee, this is as it contains vast amounts of oxalate and too much oxalate is reported to increase the loss of renalcalcium.

Supplementsthat are reported to be beneficial for kidney disorders

– TakingMAGNESIUMandVITAMIN B6 supplements are said to be useful for combating and healing oxalate stones.

– It is believed thatDandelionLeaf promotes urinary excretion of uric acid and may stop uric acid stones from being created.

GINGKO BILOBA is a powerful antioxidant, which has been commented improve kidney health. It also features anti-inflammatory properties and is said to increase blood supply to the kidneys by helping to combat atherosclerosis.

Cranberry is thought to be useful as it may help in combating infections

Tips To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

5 Tips To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

Each organ has its own functions that are essential to maintain body balance. Sa; ah one vital organ is the kidney health need to be maintained. Kidneys are organs that filter the blood of waste products in the form of urine in the body.

But often overlooked kidney health, and many people are lazy drinking water. Do not want your kidneys to leak or kidney failure is not it? Reporting from, the following tips to keep your diet so you can maintain healthy kidneys.

Eating probiotics every day

Probiotics can you get from yogurt, this is the main source of probiotics that is easily obtainable. These good bacteria can strengthen the kidneys and help the process of filtering waste products.

Drink lots of water

Do not forget to drink 8 glasses per day. Water helps remove waste products of the body, especially the sodium (salt), urea, and various toxins in the body. If the urine is yellow, it means you’re not drinking and it makes the kidneys work harder.

Excessive phosphorus in the body can create difficulties kidneys filter blood, kidneys even are at risk of hardening due to this mineral. Avoid consumption of soft drinks, carbonated and food like sausage and various kinds.

Healthy eating

Expand to eat vegetables and fruit so that it can prevent the onset of disease. Eating fresh foods and avoid eating foods low in nutrients such as snack packs that have too much salt.
Keep your blood pressure and blood sugar

People with diabetes have the potential to damage the kidneys because of too much sugar in the blood. So also those who have hypertension, because of higher blood pressure. Do not eat too much meat and fatty foods.

In addition to the five tips above a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle is also submitting you with enough exercise to maintain healthy kidneys.


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