Natural Back Pain Treatments


Natural Back Pain Treatments

Natural Back Pain Treatments
Natural Back Pain Treatments

The most common causes of back pain are bad posture, inactivity, stress, and injury. Old age contributes to lower back pains because as spinal disks mature, they lose elasticity and adequate lubrication, putting pressure on the spinal nerves. Poor nutrition and obesity can also lead to aching back and neck muscles. Most backaches are accompanied by the tense shoulder, arm, and leg muscles, and sometimes by headaches.


When spasms and numbness become debilitating, rest, stretch or reposition your body to ease whatever pressure you are putting on your spine. If backaches become chronic, engage in regular exercises that are good for the back, abdomen, arms, and legs, such as free stroke swimming. Discuss stretching and exercise programs with your physical trainers or therapists – choose routines specifically suited to relieve or prevent back problems.

Cold-Hot Compress

Back pains due to injury are best addressed by applying an ice compress to the bruised or inflamed area; the cold compress will reduce the swelling, and alleviate any associated pain. After a couple of days, switch to a warm compress to promote circulation and relax tense muscles. Warm whirlpool baths can also be most soothing and relaxing.

A good warm herbal compress is a towel soaked in hot lavender or laurel tea.

Spine Alignment

If x-rays show that your backache is caused by misaligned vertebrae, consult a professional chiropractor for proper therapy and treatment. Massage therapists are also equipped with skills to help relieve pressure from spinal nerves caused by misaligned spinal discs.

Sagging bed mattresses and poor sleeping habits often aggravate spine alignment. Choose firm mattresses that prevent too much spinal curvature. Sleep on your side, bend your knees and prop a pillow between them to help straighten the spinal column while you sleep.

Other Therapies

Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal teas, and the help of physical therapist and back schools are other natural remedies for back pain. Consult your naturopathy professional for suggestions.

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