Prevent your Eyelashes From Falling Out

Prevent your Eyelashes From Falling Out

Prevent your Eyelashes From Falling Out

Prevent your Eyelashes From Falling Out
Prevent your Eyelashes From Falling Out

The main function of eyelashes is protecting our eyes. Eyelashes regenerate continuously. Sometimes, however, they fall out too intensively making women feel less beautiful.
The loss of eyelashes can be caused by several reasons, such as injury, thyroid conditions, use of improper cosmetic products, bugs, etc. Fortunately, everyone can find on biophytopharm women beauty categorysome ways to prevent this kind of problem.

The major factors that can deplete your eyelashes are the following:

1. Medical problems, in particular, thyroid gland conditions

Low levels of thyroid hormones can lead to eyelash and hair falling out. The use of certain medical drugs can provoke hair and eyelash loss as a side effect. Sometimes, eyelash falling out is a result of allergic reactions.

2. Bugs

Demodex folliculorum lives both in our skin pores and hair follicles. It is also often found near the roots of eyelashes. The increase of Demodex number causes irritation and provokes certain diseases, which can lead to eyelashes falling out.

3. Rubbing

When we feel some irritation in our eyes, we tend to rub them. In most cases, excessive rubbing can provoke falling the eyelashes out.

4. Diet

Our food has a great influence on our health. A lot of problems with your hair and eyelashes are in fact caused by the lack of proteins and unsaturated fats.

5. Beauty products

If you use too much cosmetic products, in particular curlers and mascara, your eyelashes can become weaker and thicker.

When you find out a potential reason why your eyelashes fall out, you should also know some preventive measures, which can help you resolve the problem. If your problem is of a medical nature, do not try to resolve it by yourself. Just consult your doctor to detect the exact cause behind your problem and define the right treatment.

In terms of prevention, consider the following steps and women beauty tricks

  • You should control the food you ingest and include such useful products as nuts and fish into your diet.
  • Try to apply less cosmetic products to your eyelashes. Waterproof mascara and stylers can damage the hairs. Prefer using a common mascara rather than a waterproof one, because the latter is more difficult to wash off.
  • Use natural beauty products only. Such products as Castor oil and Petroleum Jelly can make your eyelashes stronger and stimulate their growth. You can use these effective remedies every day.
  • Do not rub your eyes. Rubbing can hurt your eyelash and stimulates falling out. So avoid rubbing.
  • Do not use false lashes. The application of false lashes can injure your natural ones and make them weaker and thicker. Pulling and pasting procedures are harmful too.
  • And the last but not least, do not leave any makeup on your face overnight. Use natural cotton balls and quality hypoallergenic beauty products to remove cosmetics.

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