Prostate Cancer – Symptoms and Causes and How to Naturally Treat Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer - Symptoms and Causes
Prostate Cancer – Symptoms and Causes

The prostate is a little gland that surrounds the first component of the tube that takes urine from the bladder to the external section. As a male becomes older, the prostate gland might become bigger in size, which may impede the flow of urine from the bladder.

The prostate enlargement usually arises by the condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is reported to be a common condition for men over the age of 45. The Prostate might also be affected by cancer, and this is becoming more frequent, now is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the UK for men.
Lifestyle and diet factors have been related to many cases of prostate cancer occurring. A highly nutritious healthy diet and improved lifestyle are therefore considered to be effective for keeping good prostate health.

Nutrition thought useful for a Healthy Prostate

The prostate is reported tofeature essential nutritional needs. The most important nutrients are believed to be the mineral zinc and essential fatty acidsZinc is featured in fish, seafood, and seeds. Essential fats are discovered in oily fish such as wild salmon, salmon and olive oil and can also be featured in seeds (of the sunflower variety).

Including high amounts of these in an individual diet is likely to help promote health in the prostate gland and might decrease the risk of enlargement. Prostate cancer has been related to the consumption of saturated fats, these fats are discovered in cakes, biscuits, red meat, and deep-fried chips.

The antioxidant Lycopene is protective against prostate cancer. Lycopene is frequently discovered in tomatoes and in dark organic chocolate. Consuming an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis has been related to a low prostate cancer risk.

Suspected signs of Prostatic enlargement

– The constant need for urination.
– Passing small amounts of urine.
– Having trouble in starting urination.
– Needing to get up frequently at night in order to pass water.
– Unhealthy urinary system.


This is thought to be a problem in which the prostate gland is either inflamed or infected. This, in turn, is thought to result in chronic pain in the groin and a painful burning sensation while urinating. Many individuals suffering from prostatitis discover that an initial infection might stimulate an inflammatory reaction that may progress for many months.

Supplements Reported Aiding a Healthy Prostate

A high number of supplements may be taken to combat or treat BPH, including;

– Linseed oil 1g

Linseed oil  (flaxseed) twice daily. This is abundant in essential fats, especially Omega-3 Variety. It has been said that linseed oil might actually decrease symptoms for men with enlarged prostates.

– Zinc

Zin is an essential mineral that is discovered in high concentrations in the prostate and consuming zinc supplements along with linseed oil is thought to help reduce prostatic enlargement.

– Saw Palmetto 160mg twice daily. –

This herb is believed to work by deactivating an enzyme in the body, which activates in the conversion of testosterone to a more potent version of this hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Saw palmetto has been reported to be effective for relieving symptoms for the majority of sufferers.

African Pygeum – This is a big evergreen tree, the herbal extract originates from the bark. The herb is reported featuring compounds that block the production of hormone-like substances named prostaglandins that play a vital role in the inflammation in the prostate.

Supplements said to help the prevention of prostate cancer

Lycopene (10mg per day). Consuming high amounts of this beta-carotene reportedly helps decrease the chances of the development of prostate cancer.

The prostate has a rich concentration of substances called prostaglandins that are reported to feature inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects depending on their known nature. Having vast amounts of essential fats, such as oily fish is said to aid the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Inflammation is thought to be caused by caffeine, alcohol, and vast amounts of saturated fats, e.g. but.

Supplements for Prostatitis

– Flower pollen – This is not similar to bee pollen. It is known that flower pollen attributes anti-inflammatory and anti-hormonal properties and has been said to be highly effective in relieving signs of prostatitis for a certain proportion of sufferers. Supplements of flower pollen might come in the form of powder or capsules.

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