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Smoking-Related Illnesses
Smoking-Related Illnesses
Smoking-Related Illnesses

It is said that tobacco is the major result of lung cancer, heart disease, and strokes, as well as being the most vital risk factor in a heart attack. This is troubling as most usual smokers have problems quitting.

Smokers usually have lower oxygen levels, high blood pressure, and low lung capacity. It is reported that tobacco can result in many other unpleasant effects such as dizziness, vomiting, irritated throats, headaches, migraines, abdominal cramps, and nausea.

Smoking cigarettes is believed to killvitaminsandminerals in the body, as it is high in toxins. Tobacco has also been related to causing sexual impotence, which might damage fertility. Smoking is said to place the body under high amounts of stress, which may cause insomnia.

The harmful chemicals that are reported to be featured in cigarettes may damage the problem of bones, resulting in them becoming weaker. This, in turn, might result in osteoporosis. Hip fractures are also believed to be common in smokers.

It is said that cigarette smoke encourages the creation of high levels of enzymes that tends to damage the skin’s collagen; causing the skin aging significantly quicker.

Smoking has alsobeen commonly related to cancer of the gullet, throat, mouth, stomach, and cervix. Cervical cancer is related to smoking because of carcinogenic chemicals from cigarettes going into the cervical mucus of many female smokers. These compounds might potentially damage special cells in the cervix that frequently repair cells if they have turned abnormal.

Heart disease and lung problems such as bronchitis and emphysema may result in problems with health in the long term and may even cause premature death. Females who smoke while pregnant are believed to raise the risk of giving birth to underweight babies, which might be instantly predisposed to illnesses while they are very little and are common to health problems occurring later on in life.

It is also reported that passive smokers, those who breathe in the smoke from other cigarettes are also at an increased risk of cancer. Smoking is believed to result in a disruption in health and appetite, resulting in eating less, whilst more processed food, complex carbohydrates, and saturated fats are taken in. This is believed to have a detrimental effect. However, smoking is thought to boost the metabolic rate, which may cause weight loss amongst smokers.

It has been reported that smokers are more prone to having more dental problems than non- smokers, their teeth usually become rendered unsightly by yellow or brown staining.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

COPD is now believed to be the fourth largest killer of women in the United Kingdom and its main cause is reported to be smoking. The early signs of this include breathlessness and constant coughing.

However by the time period when symptoms usually become obvious, it is believed that half the total lung capacity might have become lost. It is believed that those who smoke greater than ten cigarettes daily might acquire chronic obstructive pulmonary disease prior to turning the age of 30.

Supplements that are believed to be helpful for smokers

– It is reported thatB vitamin supplements are useful, as they aid healthy nerves and may decrease anxiety levels.

Vitamin Csupplementsare reported to be useful as they are a strong antioxidant that is believed to help prevent free radicals that are caused by tobacco smoke. Vitamin C is also believed to ease cravings and other withdrawal signs.

Oat Extract is believed to be helpful in lowering cravings for cigarettes.

– It is said that supplementingLiquorice root and Dandelion Root is useful in lowering the craving for tobacco. It has been recommended to chew these when feeling the need to smoke.

– Cat’s claw extract is said to be excellent as it is used to encourage the removal of toxins from the body.


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