Some of the Strangest Ingredients Found in Skin Cream

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Some of the Strangest Ingredients Found in Skin Cream
Some of the Strangest Ingredients Found in Skin Cream

The wrinkle cream industry is well-known for integrating interesting ingredients into its products which may not be as effective as they claim. Every company claims to have the next “wonder ingredient” in hopes that desperate consumers will give their product a try to see if those claims are true. After all, if most of the claims out there are to be believed, it takes about 1 month for a product’s effects to “kick in”, and by then, a consumer would have purchased 1 or 2 units of the anti-wrinkle cream, which is more than enough to keep any company going.

So what are some of the more interesting anti-aging ingredients out there? Which ones actually work? Here are some of the most interesting ingredients that have been featured in skincare lines over the past decade or so.


Algae is a great moisturizer and is known for its ability to reduce oil. This is why algae and extracts of algae are often used as ingredients in acne creams and are also used in skincare products that contain oils as ingredients.

Snail Secretions: 

Snail secretions have been used in skincare for years now, and its advantages as a regenerative ingredient have been well-researched. Snail secretions don’t have a great reputation as a wrinkle fighter but do have a reputation for helping to fix burns, scars, and serious pigmentation problems.


The human placenta is obviously one of the most important factors in nurturing a baby during its nine months in the womb. As a skincare ingredient, it is rich in protein and hormones that can’t be found in many other places. Political correctness aside, the human placenta is actually a decent complimentary ingredient within skincare formulas.


Some beauty salons began making waves a few years back when they started offering facials featuring spermine, which is a derivative of sperm. A popular Norwegian company has actually based their most popular skincare line off an artificially composed version of spermine. The truth is that spermine has actually been officially studied by scientists as a skincare ingredient. Those studies have revealed that spermine actually works as an effective antioxidant and moisturizer, but is not necessarily a miracle wrinkle fighter.


Certain companies have included human foreskin — or rather artificially grown versions of the human foreskin — as the base of their skincare products for years. Supposedly, foreskins contain an ingredient that helps to renew collagen and by extension, fight wrinkles. The veracity of these claims remains to be seen.

Snake Venom:

Several of today’s top skincare ingredients (such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3) work by emulating Botox’s effects. Ingredients like these penetrate the skin and slightly debilitate facial muscles, which helps eliminate the formation of new facial wrinkles in the long run. Several companies now include snake venom within their facial creams as an alternative to these ingredients, since snake venom is known for its paralyzing effects.

If you look hard enough, you’ll find almost anything you could imagine touted as an anti-aging ingredient and eventually bottled and sold as part of “revolutionary” skin cream or serum. Other examples include green tea, nearly every kind of vegetable and fruit-based oil you could think of (avocado oil, for example), caviar, and gold. The truth is that none of these ingredients work extremely well as wrinkle-fighters; in many cases, the skin products that contain these ingredients work well because of the other ingredients that are contained within them. However, many of these natural ingredients are great additions as secondary ingredients, and in many cases are great alternatives to the plethora of laboratory-created chemicals included in skincare products today.  My recommendation? Do your research before buying any wrinkle cream with a “miracle” ingredient and don’t write off natural ingredients in favor of chemical additives.

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