Healthy Sugar Replacements – Natural Products to Replace Refined Sugar

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Healthy Sugar Replacements – Natural Products to Replace Refined Sugar

Sugar Replacements – Natural Products to Replace Refined Sugar
Sugar Replacements – Natural Products to Replace Refined Sugar

Sugar in cookies and juices has almost no nutritional value in itself but only empty calories that lead to numerous health problems. However, many of us cannot imagine a day without this delicacy. It is known that the more you consume sweets, the greater the lust for them. Here are some of the best Healthy sugar replacements:

Sugar is contained not only in sweets but also in number of other foods that we consume daily. There is hidden sugar in ketchup, chutney, and many dietary products for a richer taste contain an increased amount of sugar, but pay special attention to soft drinks called as “diet” or “no sugar” because usually, it is not quite so. There are seemingly harmless, sour candies, chewing gum, and soda drinks which are sometimes real calorie bombs.

Daily intake of larger amounts of sugar enhances the secretion of insulin in the blood, which leads to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

How Sugar Destroys Organs

Sugar is very rapidly absorbed into the blood. For the body to cope with it, the pancreas secretes lot of insulin that has the task to transfer the sugar from the blood into the cells. If you daily intake a great amount of sugar, the insulin level is continuously increased in the blood which leads the organism to obesity and can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Foods that contain a lot of sugar have bad protective power, so in a short, you eat a lot of calories, but you have not created a feeling of satiety. Any excess calories are deposited in fat tissue leading to obesity, or diabetes.

Doctor’s recommendation is to limit daily sugar intake to a minimum. Of course, stop taking sugar does not mean to give up sweets. On the market today there are many desserts and sweets with sweeteners from cereals or fruit.

Barley, rice, corn, millet malt are just a few types. These sweeteners in appearance are similar to honey but have a much milder taste and unlike honey contain complex sugars. They are made from germinated grains and contain maltose, sugar from grains, and vitamin B. Their use is very broad and can be found in all health food stores.

Fructose or fruit sugar is contained in ripe fruit. It does not burden the body with insulin reaction and therefore is recommended to diabetics and people who have low blood pressure and a tendency to hypoglycemic reactions. Symptoms include headache, nausea, sweating.

The Best Replacement for Sweets is Fresh Fruit

Honey may be also used as a Healthy and Natural sugar substitute, which is very healthy and yet sweet. The daily need for sweets can be satisfied with dried fruit such as raisins, prunes, apricots, cranberries, and many other kinds of dried fruits.

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