The Truth About Detox and Detox Diets

The Truth About Detox and Detox Diets
The Truth About Detox and Detox Diets

Detox is the process by which the body eliminates toxins or pollutants inside it that produce unpleasant effects. The toxins might come from various different things including tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, and various foods and drinks.

A diet including different foods and drinks that are abundant in antioxidants is said to help in detoxifying the body. It is believed that detoxing helps purge a person’s body of toxins such as drug residues. It has been said that a great Detox diet should consist of many various vitamins and should be abundant in antioxidants. Eliminating processed foods as they have a high number of additives is said to be a good way to begin, and it has been recommended that most fruit and vegetables eaten should be organic. After going on a Detox diet, it is believed that a person may feel more active, less tired, and more aware. It is also possible that they will view an improvement in appearances, such as improved skin texture, brighter eyes, and weight loss.

Detox periods may vary for various individuals, lasting from around two or three days to three months or even longer. Detoxifying has been said to raise energy levels, strengthen metabolism, improve skin texture, and improve tolerance to specific substances and boosting the immune system. Our bodies are capable of detoxifying, but they may become overwhelmed by the number of toxins and junk foods that individuals consume. It is not just alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine that are sources of toxicity. Also, dairy produce is thought to be potentially toxic, clogging up the body’s waste disposal units such as the liver, kidneys, and bowel.

While detoxing, it is seen as essential that an individual has plenty of rest, so it has been recommended to stay in bed a while longer in the morning, and maybe have a 30-minute rest in the middle of the day.

However, it is reported to be likely that exercise may be necessary, in order to increase the bodies’ metabolism, blood flow, hormones, and digestive activation as well as for energy. It has been recommended, while detoxing, to try and avoid over-exertion as this is said to drain energy and create toxic chemical by-products that may inhibit the body’s cleansing regime.

Detoxification is believed to be about cutting out what is unnecessary, this may also be done on the outside by detoxifying the environment, and some examples of this are below:

Ways of detoxing that have been advised with relation to the environment

– Resolving any issues that an individual may have with someone else is said to be essential.
– It has been said to have a message, as this may eliminate any toxins, tension, and negative pulses in the body.
– Providing the bedroom or workplace a great spring clean is believed to be excellent for detoxifying an environment.
– Putting some flowers or a plant in a room and burning some incense or aromatherapy oil, is thought to provide a detoxifying effect.

If a person suffers from any serious health problems, such as cancer, depression, asthma or osteoporosis, it is not said to be advisable to undertake a Detox diet without doctor approval. The suggestion of a Detox diet is for individuals to eat foods that they are unlikely to be allergic to, so a person may have to cut out many different kinds of food from their diet.

It is said to be vital to Detox because the body stores unwanted substances and toxins inside its fatty deposits, so in many occasions, people may be carrying up to 5 excess kilograms or more of unhealthy mucus toxic wastes. It is believed that this could result in PMS, headaches, digestive disorders, bad memory, insomnia, and being overweight. It is seen as essential to Detox because we live in a toxic environment, which could make the body even more intoxicated as body toxins might eventually enter the bloodstream and then into cell membranes which could disturb metabolic activity and may result in damage to tissues.


A toxin is a substance that is believed to cause harmful effects to the body, which may cause intolerances, allergies, and illnesses. In now a day life we are frequently around potential toxins from the water we drink, to the food that we consume and the air which we breathe. The poorest toxins are thought to be the ones that we can not view and this may leave us unaware of the risks. The body, however, is able to combat toxins quite easily.

The Benefits of detoxing

Detoxing is thought to help in combating heart disease; it is suggested likely that people who Detox could suffer from fewer circulatory problems and gallstones.
Individuals on Detox could witness an improvement in appearance, as their eyes may look brighter, skin texture could be better and the condition of their hair and nails may become stronger.
It is believed that, as a result of detoxing, an individual feels a lot more relaxed and that stress levels will decrease, as the body’s hormones will have an improved balance. Concentration levels could rise and memory may improve.
It has been said that sleeping patterns should see a huge improvement; Detox could transform nights. When waking up in the morning individuals are reported to feel refreshed and energized, ready for tackling another day of Detox.
Detoxing is thought to provide a number of health benefits. It is believed to boost the immune system, meaning that the body may be less prone to colds and minor infections, and it should allow the liver, kidneys, and bowels to activate much more efficiently. In the long run, the chances of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis might fall.

How people are believed to feel after detoxing?

detox drink

–  Individuals may feel great as they have helped their body cut out toxic residues.
– They most likely have cleansed their urinary system with a vast increase of fluid throughput that is believed to reduce the chances of urinary infections.
– It is believed that they could feel better about themselves; this is because detoxing is thought to sharpen the mind and increase concentration.
– The body is reported to feel lighter as an individual may probably have lost weight, also the metabolic process is said to be much more efficient.
– They are likely to feel healthier as their metabolism uses up less energy on tasks dealing with foods abundant in saturated fats and rich in sugar, and instead will be able to concentrate on transforming what is consumed into readily available energy.
– The digestive system is said to work a lot more efficiently as it has not had to deal with saturated fats and sugar, and due to the higher consumption of fruits and vegetables.
– The time period it takes food to go through the digestive system will probably have decreased. Shorter transmission periods are reported to be a large factor in reducing the chances of inflammatory bowel disease and bowel cancer.
– It has been said likely to view a substantial improvement in the body’s reserves of nutrients.
– The body’s stores of minerals like iron and calcium, magnesium and selenium may, in all chances, increase.
– One is likely to feel much more energetic physically.
– In general, individuals are most likely going to feel stronger and more capable of lengthier periods of exertion.
– After detoxing, individuals are reported to be likely to feel more comfortable and less bloated as their transformed diet has aided the digestive system.
– They could feel more balanced as the meals they consume might maintain blood sugar levels on a suitable level.
– As the diet has improved, the immunity system should be boosted and, as a result, one is likely to feel healthier and be less prone to infections such as coughs, influenza, and flu.
– Individuals will most likely feel happier about their life in general; this itself might provide strengthening to the body’s natural defenses.
– After a period of Detox, one is thought to feel much more confident about food and with frequent food issues.

Foods thought to be beneficial for Detox

– Fruits and vegetables are said to be excellent for Detox as they are abundant in vitamins and minerals; in addition, they contain high amounts of antioxidants and may help in strengthening the immune system.
– Pulses have been recommended to be included in a Detox diet.
– Fresh herbs such as garlic, parsley, basil, rosemary, sage, and Dill are all thought to be high in antioxidants.
– It has been suggested to feature extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, and sesame oil in a Detox diet.
–  One is recommended to try to include nuts and seeds, such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, and linseeds, in a Detox diet.
– More whole-grain foods such as wholemeal breath, rye bread, and brown rice cakes are said to promote detoxification.
– Parsley tea is believed to be an excellent drink for detoxing, as the gentle diuretic will help fasten up detoxifying and the cleansing process.
– Having a glass of red wine on a daily basis is thought to be beneficial while detoxing, as it features chemicals named polyphenols, which are protective anti-aging antioxidants.
– Foods that contain high amounts of fiber are believed to help in aiding digestion, bowel function, and combat different forms of cancer.
– Commencing the day by drinking a glass of boiling water with half a lemon inside it is said to be beneficial. This drink is reported to flush out any impurities which may have built up in the system overnight. Lemon is also believed to be an excellent cleanser for the liver.
– Wheatgrass juice is viewed as a very nutritious live juice and is said to be excellent for detoxing. It consists of pure chlorophyll; it has enzymes that could promote weight loss and helps in maintaining overall health.
– It has been advised to eliminate dairy products out of a diet. Drinking ordinary milk may be replaced by almond, sesame, and rice milk, as they are said to be great for detoxing.

Foods to avoid while detoxing

– Foods vast in sugar and complex carbohydrates have not been said to be beneficial while detoxing.
– Foods with added sugar and added salt are advised to be avoided if possible.
– It has been said that foods that are known to be high in saturated fats, such as pizza, cakes, and margarine, should be avoided.
– It has been advised that drinks featuring caffeine and alcohol, such as strong tea and coffee, are recommended to be avoided. The reason is that caffeine is viewed as a stimulant that places stress on the body and depletes it of essential nutrients. Caffeine is believed to make one feel wearier, irritable, and suffer from headaches.
– Foods that feature high amounts of animal fats have been recommended to be avoided, as they are said to be a major contributor to heart disease.
– It has been recommended to eliminate salt from a diet, as high salt intakes are believed to cause fluid retention, bloating, and dehydration. Excess salt is also said to increase the chances of high blood pressure in individuals who are prone to it.
– Eliminating dairy products out of a diet while detoxing is reported to be beneficial. This is because they are said to result in bloating, discomfort, and flatulence. They are also thought to produce excess mucus in the sinuses and nasal passage. A break from eating dairy products may prevent the signs of a runny nose or congested sinuses.
– It has been advised to avoid alcohol while detoxing, as excessive alcohol is thought to be a cell toxin. Alcohol is broken down in the liver to a toxin, which might damage liver cells, muscles, and the brain. It raises the production of free radicals and kills Vitamin C and Vitamin E. 
Alcohol is a diuretic, which is believed to make the kidneys excrete greater amounts of fluid as well as vita; minerals such as zinc, calcium, and potassium.
– Avoiding wheat products while detoxing is seen as vital. This is because wheat usually features gluten, and this is a protein that many individuals find hard to digest and may result in bloating and wind.

Advisable methods of cooking while detoxing

Steaming – Steaming is viewed as a great way of cooking vegetables; as vegetables are not in contact with the cooking water, so there is likely be little loss of vitamins and minerals.

Boiling – It has been recommended to boil the water before adding vegetables and to try cooking them for a short period of time. It has been suggested to drain them instantly and never leave them to soak in the cooking water. A lid may be used to stop steam from escaping.

Stir-frying – This is believed to be an excellent cooking method as the food is cooked for a short time period and keeps the majority of its nutrients. On a Detoxdiet, it has been advised that they should be stir-fried using water rather than oil. This is as it is thought that the increasing temperatures may change the chemical structure of most oils, turning them potentially harmful for the body.

Supplements thought to be great for detoxing

While detoxing, various supplements that are believed to help general well being, bowel function, and boost the immune system may be taken.

Supplements believed to be great for general well being

– High- potency multivitamin and mineral supplements are said to be beneficial.
– Vitamin C
– A one-a-day standardized extract of cynarin, from globe artichokes, is also said to be a great idea. It is believed to promote liver function and help the body cut out fat-soluble substances contained in the liver.

Supplements thought to be great for bowel function

– Oat bran or ground psyllium seeds could provide water-soluble fiber.

Supplements reported boosting the immune system

– It has been advised to take Vitamin C every day, as it is said to be vital for a healthy immune system.
– Zinc supplements are thought to be beneficial, as they are also said to be essential for a healthy immune system.
– It has been advised to supplement Echinacea. This herb is believed to be very effective for short term immune strengthening.
– Probiotics are said to feature vast amounts of beneficial bacteria that are reported to be vital for boosting the body’s defense mechanisms.

Bodies own perceived detoxifiers

Many different organs are believed to be involved in ridding the body of harmful substances and waste products, such as the gut, kidneys, liver, skin, and lungs.


This is believed to be the body’s home processing plant. Its requirements are to detoxify any potentially damaging substances. Once the substances are detoxified they may be expelled via the kidneys, bowel, or lungs. The detoxification work is processed by thousands of enzymes. These enzymes are said to require specific nutrients to encourage them to do their jobs. Thus, a nutritious diet is likely being useful for the liver. Great sources of food usually are thought to include brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Supplements that are known to help promote liver function include Milk thistle, fenneldandelion, and garlic tablets.


The specifications of the kidneys are to eliminate waste products such as urea from the blood into the urine. It is believed to be essential to drink vast amounts of water, as it helps to dilute the toxins and encourage the kidneys to carry out their job in a proper manner. Supplements that individuals believe help the functioning of the kidneys include Dandelion, horsetail, and celery seed.


The intestines transport nutrients and toxins; they have also been reported to help in pushing indigestible material such as fiber and potential toxins to the bowel. Fiber is reported to help fight off some of the toxins, and prevent them from being absorbed into the body, and moving them to the bowel. They are combated off by friendly bacteria and expelled into the feces. Supplements that are said to be good for the gut include probiotics, Aloe Vera, chlorella, and psyllium.


It is believed that the skin plays a role in eliminating toxins. Sweating is said to eliminate toxins. Some toxins are expelled from skin oils while others are released via the shedding of dead skin cells. Foods that are believed to be great for skin while on Detox include fruit, vegetables, pumpkin seeds, and water. Supplements that are reported to be good for skin include Gingko Biloba, flaxseed oil, garlic, and the antioxidant, goldenseal root.

Lymphatic circulation

This system transports waste products and toxins that are too large to go into the bloodstream from the cells to the lymph nodes of processing. They are then entered back to the bloodstream and are transported to the liver for detoxification. The herbs Echinacea and sarsaparilla root are believed to be beneficial for lymphatic circulation.


The lungs are said to help in filtering out any waste gases that have been created in the body, such as carbon dioxide, as well as the toxic gases which a person breathes in. Foods that are thought to be healthy for the lungs include dried fruits and vegetables. Antioxidant supplements may also be consumed, as they are said to be beneficial.

Environmental Estrogens

Household products and plastics are believed to feature hormone-mimicking substances that contain a similar biochemical structure to the estrogen that the body creates.

Synthetic estrogen’s that are said to be discovered especially in the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy are believed to have a much more powerful effect on estrogen-sensitive tissue than the level of activity that natural estrogen creates. Synthesized estrogens may discover their way into water supplies, so estrogens may be contained in the tap water that we drink. Once these synthetic estrogens are inside the body, they are believed to be likely to exert a powerful oestrogenic effect on body cells and tissues. This could result in a fast proliferation of cells, which is reported to play a role in many estrogens- receptive cancers such as prostate and breast cancer for instance.

It has been said that the use of synthetic estrogen may be avoided by using biodegradable cleaning products and not storing foods in plastic containers. This is thought to lower exposure to such estrogens. Feeding on Soya products and vegetables may help in preventing estrogen- receptive cancers.

Methods of promoting Detox

– To stay clear of suffering from a hangover, it has been recommended to take Vitamin C, before going to bed and stay clear of caffeine. Also when a person wakes up, they should try drinking water and it has been thought that taking B vitamin complex supplements is good.
– Regular sporting exercise will, most likely, improve the activation of the body’s lymphatic system. Lymph is a clear fluid that moves and expels the body’s waste products. An unhealthy diet and an unhealthy lifestyle could slow down lymph flow, which might result in a build-up of toxins in the body.
– It has been recommended to take frequent breaks while on a computer. This is because computer screens are thought to carry positive ion charges which attract positive ions from the environment. These ions are said to result in tiredness and lethargy. By using an anti-glare protective screen and being seated around 50cm away from a computer it is believed that these problems could be reduced.
– It has been advised to prevent any stress occurring in life, as it is thought to result in chemical reactions in the brain which might potentially disrupt the functioning of the body’s organs. To lower stress levels, it has been recommended to try doing various relaxation techniques, such as meditation.
– When a person feels stressed it is thought that the adrenaline glands may be working harder. To slow this down it has been advised to try and stay relaxed, breathing deeply is believed to be good and may help a person to feel focused and good.
– Long-distance traveling is said to do harm to the body, so it is believed to be good to try and ensure that enough breaks are taken. It has also been recommended to eat and drink in a great manner while traveling.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy is said to be a great method of helping to clean out the colon. The procedure commences by sending hot sterile water into the lower bowel and colon to aid the cleansing of excess mucus, gas, toxic substances, and pollutants.
Colonic Hydrotherapy is believed to be useful in promoting weight loss, suffering from constipation, colitis, and diarrhea.

Detoxing plus

  1. Vast amounts of sporting activity while detoxing is said to be beneficial, as it is believed to help fasten up the metabolism. It is believed to give higher self-esteem and lower stress.
  2. It is said to promote a more efficient elimination of toxins and help in strengthening bones.
  3. Exercise is believed to encourage healthier skin and hair, as well as promote the activation of the digestive system. It is also reported to help in warding off calories and fats.

 – Skin brushing on a frequent basis is said to be beneficial on any Detox program. This is because if the pores become clogged with dead skin cells, the impurities are believed to remain in the body, which could put stress onto the liver and kidneys and this may result in an overloaded system.

  1. Dry skin brushing is believed to help in maintaining pores clear, as it is said to allow the skin to breathe, thus, it is likely to look brighter and feel softer. Brushing the skin is reported to help promote blood and lymph flow, which may end in an improvement in the efficiency of eliminating waste products.


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