Top Cosmetic Procedures – All You Should Know

Cosmetic Procedures
Top Cosmetic Procedures - All You Should to Know

Everyone desires to feel good about their body. At times, it takes a cosmetic procedure for one to achieve this. A wide range of available procedures has helped a lot of people who were struggling with body image issues. Also, they have helped people to become more confident and happy.

As sad as it is, our skin will not have the same appearance throughout our lives. Age, environmental stress, acne, and long exposure to the sun can greatly affect the appearance of our skin. Age specifically takes a toll on someone’s skin. As we age, the body produces lower amounts of collagen which affects the healing and regeneration of the skin. Ultimately, the skin develops wrinkles and loses its youthful shine.

It is for this reason that the Academy Laser Clinics developed askin rejuvenation technique that is fit for people of all ages. The Fractioned CO2 DOT laser has been described as the “gold standard” for rejuvenation treatments. Other than giving your face a youthful appearance, this procedure is also beneficial for scar removal.

How does the Fractioned CO2 DOT treatment work?

In this procedure, a handheld DOT tool is used to pass heat to the surface of the skin. When this heat goes through the skin, it facilitates a healing process by causing increased collagen production. The presence of new, healthy collagen is essential for the skin as it facilitates the skin to have a youthful appearance and shine to it. This procedure can be used on specific parts of the skin that require special attention such as the under the eye. To add to that, this procedure can be used by people of various skin types.

For better results, it is recommended that one should have multiple DOT treatments. However, more intense and frequent treatments usually take a longer recovery time. When combined with treatments such as Pure-PRP, patients are in a position to benefit more in terms of better skin elasticity.

The treatment has Received a Lot of Praise for its Effectiveness

Furthermore, it is considered as being the best treatment for rejuvenating your skin because it is non-invasive thus relatively painless. Consequently, this procedure provides a good alternative to some of the invasive treatments which require anesthesia and more recovery time. Immediately after the first treatment, most of the patients notice some differences. However, the full benefits of this treatment will be seen six months after. This is when the benefits of the collagen fully take effect.

Many men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from not being to maintain an erection at some stage during their life. Whereas age may be blamed for the changes in sexual virility, other factors that also contribute to the same include other physical and psychological factors. Among them, stress, drugs, mental health, sicknesses like diabetes, and lack of sleep. One thing remains certain though, problems with low libido greatly affect the sexual life of a man. For some, it leads to the breakdown of marriages and relationships due to not being able to satisfy their sexual partners.

Therefore, there is a need for such men to find an effective treatment that can help to increase their sexual desire. There are many treatments that have been used to improve sexual drive. However, recent scientific studies have proved that some of these options were not healthy. This is because some of them would result in negative side effects on the person who is taking them.

PRP Procedure

The PRP Procedure, provided by the CALIBRE clinic, was designed to provide a healthy and natural alternative to treatments that address erectile dysfunction which in itself can be a factor in men having a low libido. This procedure entails the use of the patient’s blood to improve their sexual health. The trained doctors at the clinic begin by taking a small amount of blood from the patient. They work on the collected blood by making sure it is rich in platelets and monocytes.

These elements in the blood are essential as they are effective at promoting healing and repair. The platelet-rich blood is later re-injected to the patient’s penis. The penis is usually numbed using a cream so that the process is painless. The re-injected blood facilitates the repair of blood vessels in the penis. Consequently, there will be increased blood flow to the penis which will lead to improved sexual performance with stronger erections.

Many women are specific about the look and shape of their eyebrows. They would like them to look fuller and be a certain shape. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to achieve this eyebrow look naturally. This might be as a result of over-plucking their eyebrows or due to scarring. It might also have been brought about by the condition which is known as alopecia. This condition causes hair loss or thinning of hair.

Feather-Touch Brows

Feather touch brows provide the best remedy for women who would like to have fuller and asymmetrical eyebrows. Academy Face and Body Clinic have medical professionals who have specialized in this treatment. This procedure entails the use of a handheld tool known as a microblade to insert color along with the natural eyebrow pattern. This cosmetic procedure tattooing procedure is the best way for women to have brows that mimic the shape of a feather.

Given that this procedure involves the insertion of color into the skin, it might cause some slight inflammation. However, it mostly goes down after 48 hours. It is important that the patient should ensure that the area remains clean. Therefore, if you would like to avoid the hustle of spending hours trying to pencil your eyebrows to the perfect shape, you should consider getting this procedure. It provides the best way to have beautifully sculpted eyebrows for a longer time.


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