Best Turmeric Powder Benefits, Side Effects, and Tips

Turmeric Powder Benefits, Side Effects, and Tips

Turmeric Powder Benefits, Side Effects, and Tips

Turmeric Powder Benefits, Side Effects, and Tips

Turmeric is a flowering and herbal extract plant that comes from the Zingiberaceae family in the plant species. Turmeric powder or curry powder is a vivid yellow-orange spice used as a Turmeric spice in cooking and it has a warm and bitter taste in curry. The powder can treat pain and inflammation, for instance, osteoarthritis. Besides, it also helps you control hay fever, depression, high cholesterol, a type of liver disease, and itching. Turmeric powder contains curcumin and other chemicals that may decrease swelling or inflammation. To learn more about turmeric powder curcumin, here are health turmeric powder benefits, Fresh turmeric powder uses, and turmeric powder side effects.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Turmeric Powder

1- Work as an Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric has been using as medicine in India for centuries. It contains curcumin as the main active ingredient that is 3% only, but curcumin is highly strong and effective. It can treat inflammation better than common inflammation-fighting medications such as Advil (ibuprofen) and aspirin. As chronic inflammation leads to many chronic diseases, curcumin can help treat conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and arthritis.

2- Protect Against Heart Disease

Curcumin as the main agent in turmeric can improve endothelial function or the health of the thin membrane, which associates the heart and blood vessels. Also, this membrane helps regulate blood pressure. The lower endothelial function has a relation with aging and an increased risk of heart disease. Thus, curcumin can protect you against age-related loss of function and reduce your likelihood of developing heart disease.

3- Prevent Cancer

Along with heart disease, cancer that is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, is the primary cause of death in the world. And if we know, inflammation associates tumor growth, and turmeric’s anti-inflammatory compounds such as curcumin in organic turmeric powder can treat and prevent a variety of cancer types, including colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, breast, and gastric cancers.

4- Help Delay Aging

As curcumin benefits prevent heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, it also possesses the health benefits of longevity. An ability to fight inflammation, protect your body against free radicals, and potentially delay brain degeneration and other diseases, is only possible through the flavor of fresh turmeric and its Curcuma or curcumin.


5- Help Ease Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

If you are with knee osteoarthritis, turmeric will be beneficial for you as taking turmeric extracts, alone or in combination with other herbal extract ingredients, can play a vital role in reducing pain and improving function in the body. Besides, Fresh turmeric also works as ibuprofen for reducing osteoarthritis pain. It is due to curcumin, which is a safe and effective long-term treatment option for people with osteoarthritis.

6- Help Treat or Prevent Diabetes

Organic turmeric powder may help treat and prevent diabetes, as well as associated disorders like diabetic nephropathy that affect people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The main agent health benefits of curry powder may help prevent diabetes through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Also, it may improve many of the factors that contribute to diabetes, including insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and hyperlipidemia.

7- Help Delay or Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

The Health Turmeric powder benefits do not end here, but still, there are several on the list. A protein found in the brain and spinal cord is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). It plays a key role in keeping nerve cells healthy and regulating communication between nerve cells, which is critical for learning and memory. In this case, turmeric powder curcuminincreases the level of BDNF and delays or reverses common brain disorders like Alzheimer’s that is related to BDNF.

8- Treat Depression

Depression has a direct relation with the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and a shrinking hippocampus, a brain area with a role in learning and memory. And researches show that taking curcumin, a chemical found in turmeric root powder “fresh rhizomes” reduces depression symptoms in people already using an antidepressant.

9- Improve Skin Health

One review published in January 2018 suggests that oral curcumin, in particular, is an effective and safe treatment option for psoriasis. Turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties that make it an effective turmeric treatment for a wide variety of skin conditions, including acne, eczema (atopic dermatitis), photoaging, and psoriasis.

10- Protects Your Body from Free Radicals

Free radicals are a class of highly reactive atoms that are generated in our bodies and in environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke and industrial chemicals. They can cause the body damage that faces mess or pollution in the fats, proteins, and even DNA if it is exposed to free radicals fairly. Again the curcumin in the turmeric plays as an antioxidant to help protect your body from radicals.

Turmeric Powder’s Side Effects

Turmeric Powder Side Effects

Along with having several turmeric powder’s benefits, there are also turmeric powder side effects, and here is the list.

  • Upsetting Your Stomach:

Turmeric powder is used as a vivid yellow-orange spice in food but consuming a large amount of powder can upset your stomach. It stimulates the digestive system to produce more gastric acid.

  • Thining Your Blood:

As turmeric benefits with lowered cholesterol and lowered blood pressure, it is associated with blood. Hence, a heavy dose of turmeric root powder “fresh rhizomes” can thin your blood.

  • Impacting Fertility:

If men consume turmeric in a heavy amount, it will lower testosterone levels and decrease sperm movement. As it is harmful to fertility, people who plan for a child need to use turmeric cautiously.

  • Iron Deficiency:

Those who have iron deficiency need to be cautious when using turmeric. Turmeric extract may prevent the absorption of iron if people take it with overdose.

Some Tips on Using Turmeric Powder

Although turmeric powder has several health benefits turmeric curcumin, it can’t be denied that it possesses side effects too. Hence, to prevent the side effects, consider the following tips.

  • Don’t take turmeric during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Though turmeric dosage is safe to take in food, turmeric in medicinal amounts is harmful. It can promote mensuration and period or stimulate the uterus, putting the pregnancy at risk.
  • Be careful if you have gallstones or a bile duct obstruction when using turmeric.
  • Use turmeric powder or curry powder cautiously if you are a diabetes patient as it may decrease your blood sugar.
  • Stop using turmeric for at least 2 weeks if you are planning for surgery. Turmeric may slow blood clotting and cause extra bleeding during and after surgery.
  • Avoid consuming turmeric if you possess hormone-sensitive conditions. Hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids are under the bad influence of the curcumin in turmeric.
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