Vitamins and Supplements That Can Speed up the Addiction Recovery

Vitamins and Supplements That Can Speed up the Addiction Recovery

Vitamins and Supplements That Can Speed up the Addiction Recovery

Vitamins and Supplements That Can Speed up the Addiction Recovery

No matter how long the addiction lasts, recovery can take a while. It’s a complex process that depends on a couple of factors—the mental state and willpower of the person addicted, their health situation, and their surroundings. However, if multiple factors work together, they’ll give better and faster results. There are vitamins and supplements that can speed up addiction recovery and help with the vitamin deficiency that is one of the health issues caused by addiction. Find out how to make the recovery process faster and give your body the balance it once had.

Understand the effects of addiction

Firstly, you should know the exact effects of substances on your body. Addiction does not only affect your mental health. It’s also a physical thing. Alcohol or drug usage results in deficiency of crucial vitamins and nutrients. That’s why it’s essential to address your physical health in the recovery process and not only deal with the psychological issues. However, if one of these aspects is missing, the recovery won’t be complete. So, what are the vitamins and supplements your body needs to recover?

Addiction withdrawal – the list of vitamins and supplements that can speed up addiction recovery?

With proper nutrition, you can help your body recover much faster. Certain elements will give your body what it takes to become stronger than the addiction and give back everything that that addiction took away.

Vitamin D

Studies show that our body needs vitamin D to function properly, making it one of the essential vitamins that can speed up addiction recovery. Vitamin D deficiency is a common result of substance abuse, so this vitamin should be part of the recovery supplementation.


Addiction recovery often comes with mental and physical tension, as these are what people feel when they skip a dose of drug or alcohol. Magnesium and calcium can help a lot with these issues. Calcium can help with anxiety, whereas magnesium relieves muscle tension and helps with cramps. Besides supplementation, food rich in magnesium and calcium will also help. Leafy greens, whey protein, almonds, sardines, seeds, and dairy products should be part of your balanced diet. However, Little Creek Recovery experts suggest consulting a professional to help create a perfectly balanced diet for your needs.

Vitamin B

Levels of vitamin B in the bodies of individuals recovering from addiction are often deficient. That’s why doctors usually recommend foods or supplements rich in B vitamins. As vitamins B1, B3, and B5 help with turning sugar in your body into energy, they are essential for preventing diabetes. Furthermore, other health issues related to our mental state are caused by vitamin B6 and B12 deficiency. That’s one of the reasons why vitamin B is essential in addiction recovery and helps release toxins and proper body functions.

Vitamin C

A strong immune system is the number one opponent of any addiction and health issues. And vitamin C plays a significant role in building an immune system that can deal with such problems. As excessive alcohol or drug intake decreases vitamin C levels in your body, ensure your recovery includes increased levels of this vitamin. Apart from tablets, you can get vitamin C from citrus fruits, bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and other sources.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Another essential item on this list – is omega-3 fatty acids. These help with the proper function of our brain, reduce anxiety, decrease withdrawal symptoms, and help with overall recovery. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are nuts and seeds, fish, seafood, flaxseed oil, canola oil, etc.

Nutrients found in Garlic

Garlic is one of the superfoods that can help speed up addiction recovery and keep your body strong and healthy for so long. Garlic is rich in fiber, manganese, vitamins B6 and C, selenium, and minerals such as zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. It’s packed with all the good stuff and tremendously benefits people fighting addiction. Garlic is your liver’s best friend – it helps it filter the toxins out and recover from excessive drug or alcohol intake. Heal your body with garlic tablets or use it daily in your meals.


Let’s not forget the basis of our existence – water. Our bodies are made of water, and its minerals are super helpful with withdrawal symptoms. Stay hydrated for proper brain and heart function as it leads to fast recovery. Drinking water also helps with muscle tension

Vitamins and supplements are not enough for a speedy recovery from an addiction

Vitamins and supplements are not enough for a speedy recovery from an addictionSubstance abuse consumes all aspects of our life and our health. That’s why taking one stand in recovering from it won’t help. Vitamins and supplements can speed up the recovery, yet they are not enough for reaching the final step. They are super helpful, yet they’re not the only factor that will affect the recovery process.

Recovery from an addiction contains several steps, and counseling should be a part of the process. Consult an expert you trust to get the most out of the addiction therapy.

Also, physical activity plays a vital role in the healing process. Along with the proper nutrition, exercise will surely help you make a couple of quick steps toward complete recovery. However, don’t forget to be consistent here. Diet and workouts need to be regular to give positive results, so don’t try to use them as a shortcut.

Support groups can be beneficial in the recovery process. Sharing experiences with people who understand is quite healing for some people, so look for a support group that fits your needs. And don’t be afraid to participate.

Ultimately, vitamins and supplements that can speed up addiction recovery are not enough. You need to eat healthily, exercise, participate in support groups, and work with a professional. Finally, the communication and support of the loved ones complete the circle. A supportive environment is essential for understanding and dealing with the problem, which is why all the family members should be part of the process, one way or another.

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