What Are The Different Types of Nuts?

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What Are The Different Types of Nuts?

What Are The Different Types of Nuts

A nut can be described as a hard-shelled kind of fruit of some plants which has with a particular type of seed known as indehiscent. There is a wide selection of dried fruits and seeds that are also called nuts.

The Different Types of Nuts Include The Following:


This is an example of a delicious and yummy nut that you can choose from. There are available loads of almonds wholesales for you to select from. These are tasty almonds with a candy coating that are used at weddings and other colorful events. Do not hesitate to check out this kind of nut. You are going to enjoy them regardless of what you want to do with almonds. This type of nut is super healthy, super delicious, and great! Almonds can be used anytime you are in need of nuts!


Walnuts taste great and are a typical example of the kind nuts to search for. There are loads of retailers you can find who sell this kind of nut and for good reasons too! Walnuts are best enjoyable when added to something rather than eating them alone. So long as it is desert oriented, walnuts can be added to cakes, to cookies, and pretty much any kind of meal that you have in mind. They can also be added to salads and other kinds of delicious foods.


Chestnuts are also delicious, and they can be enjoyed when you want to sit next to your special someone while waiting for the nuts to finish roasting. They can be seasoned as you want. Just like other nuts, they are quite sweet and great for almost anything you may have in mind.


Though not as popular as Jordan almonds, they’re still very enjoyable by everyone. Peanuts can be added to pretty much any dish that you may have in mind. You can also open a bag of nuts and eat them without worrying about things like whether they are suitable or whether or not you will fall sick from eating nuts that have not been roasted. A lot of peanuts are roasted and some nuts even have their own amount of flavoring. There are many kinds of peanuts to select from, so you need to choose carefully! If you go about it the right way, peanuts are one of those things that you are going to enjoy!

Other types of nuts include the following:

  • Butternut: This nut is egg-shaped and is a member of the walnut family
  • Beechnut: This is a small edible nut encased in burs
  • Cashew: This nut is kidney-shaped and grows outside the cashew apple. It has a toxic shell.
  • Brazil nut: It is an American nut with three sides and has a hard shell.

These are some examples of the different types of nuts that you can purchase for home use or for recipes. Rather than eat junk, if you take the time to eat them every chance you get, you can get plenty of nutrients and protein from these nuts.

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