Why Treat Yourself with Homeopathy?

Why Treat Yourself with Homeopathy (Homeopathic)

Why Treat Yourself with Homeopathy (Best Homeopathic Uses)?

Why Treat Yourself with Homeopathy (Homeopathic)

the question has no univocal answer. If in 2012, 32% of people in the world use homeopathic medicines, their motivations are surely different. Some have always been treated by homeopathy, others, put off by the side effects of non-homeopathic medicines are turning almost exclusively towards homeopathy.

Some others use punctual drugs deemed not dangerous. Others, finally, are looking for a solution to chronic or repeated health problems for themselves or their children. At least, in more than thirty years of practice, what I could observe in my patients. This harmlessness of homeopathic medicine allows each of us (from the baby to the old man and the pregnant woman) to resort to self-registration.

But by respecting certain rules:

  • no self-prescription “blind” (that is, for all pathologies, whatever they are),
  • remain aware of the need to have a diagnosis made by a doctor if there is no favorable reaction to the treatment homeopathic, this book aims to:
  • to enable the reader to know whether his illness or symptoms may respond to self-prescription treatment homeopathic medicines (with Phytotherapy or medicinal plants) or if they require consultation with a homeopathic doctor,
  • to know the main symptoms that indicate the different homeopathic medicines. Not to check the prescription of his homeopathic doctor but that better understand why they are indicated against these symptoms. There are many books on homeopathic self-prescription and many sites on the internet. It only considers pathologies “Current”, that is to say, that it does not concern those which were in the past (19th and 20th centuries) and are still found sometimes in current works.

He also tries to present the treatments indicated following the intellectual journey of any homeopathic doctor competent or any pharmacist interested in homeopathy. In the first part, they are presented, where possible, in the form of decision trees. This form perfectly respects the intellectual journey of any competent homeopath.

Treatment proposals will be found by answering questions (presented inbox) and each medicine is presented with its prescription and “associated symptoms” if they are necessary for the determination of the indicated drug (see below: Homeopathic consultation). They will be preceded, to better identify them, with a brief reminder of what the symptom or disease is. Some symptoms or diseases that imperatively ask for a medical consultation will not be treated in this book. Others that require the combination of drugs non-homeopathic and homeopathic medicines will be reported by an insert.

In the second part, the reader will find all the medicines cited and presented not in the form of a description or a “history” but according to their main and most reliable symptoms (those depend neither on a particular era nor on a particular culture). They are drawn from reliable and general references or written by specialists.

Homeopathy? We need to believe it!

On the one hand, homeopathy is not a religion, but a therapeutic method! On the other hand and far from me the idea of underestimating the intellectual capacities, or even beliefs, of farmed turkeys that have participated in the study cited above, I can only remain at least dubious about their ability to voluntarily adhere to the drug homeopathic … About belief: granules and globules are recognized as kosher and halal by the competent religious authorities. Homeopathy works because the doctor takes time to talk with his patient! This implies that non-homeopathic doctors would botch their consultations.

It seems to me that this is to outrage the virtues of empathy and dialogue and the professional conscience of all doctors, whether they are homeopaths or not homeopaths! Homeopathy is so diluted. As much for a glass of wine in the Seine to Paris and drink a glass of Seine water in Rouen! The comparison, mathematically, is not unfounded. Especially when we think of dilution in the decillion.

That said, the experiments prove physically that these dilutions, already, are energized and are far from empty. Also, clinical experiments prove they are effective (see, among others, the famous turkeys… but also recent studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments in rheumatological, ENT, and psychic disorders). If dilutions in the decillion demonstrate therapeutic efficacy, it can be said that attempting the experiment in drinking a glass of water from the Seine (in Rouen or elsewhere), will inevitably lead to the appearance of extremely unpleasant digestive disorders … that will have to be treated by homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a placebo, not expensive, but a placebo anyway! Note immediately that homeopathic medicine responds perfectly to the needs of the French Social Security economy: the price of all medicines (homeopathic and non-homeopathic) is blocked and the price of a granule tube and a globules dose is ridiculously low. Then all the doctors’ homeopaths who prescribe the tubes granules and the doses globules register them under a generic name (Pulsatilla, Rhus Toxicodendron, Mercurius solubilis, etc. Are generic Latin names) and it is the pharmacist who will take care of the order from a homeopathic laboratory.

As for the placebo effect (the first person of the future of the Latin verb place (to please accredit); literally, I’ll like it) it implies an inefficiency of the substance but a cure, despite everything, of some patients she would have liked. There is strong a long time since I learned medicine, I was taught that the vast majority of tonsillitis was of viral origin but that, as a precautionary measure, it was better to antibiotic treatment to avoid any superinfection.

Many more years later, we realized that “antibiotics were not automatic! “. A few doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics for a viral disease less because they like to eradicate a very hypothetical bacterial superinfection, but because they like their patients to remain convinced that it is the antibiotic that has eradicated their viral disease; since they are healed. And the result is there: they are healed … Homeopathic medicine is not real medicine, because a real drug inevitably causes side effects!

The mode of operation of homeopathic medicine is not the same as non-homeopathic medicine. It is not a question of imposing a reaction on the body by providing weighted doses as is done by administering non-homeopathic medicines. Non-homeopathic medicines of which no one can deny the usefulness, effectiveness, and necessity in certain pathologies but which require the doctor to constantly assess the benefit ratio (more or less violent side effects). Some unfortunate episodes of recent years have demonstrated this. How the drug works in homeopathic medicine which, as we have said above, is not yet elucidated, does not determine by a quantitative but qualitative action; and therefore devoid of effects secondary in the non-homeopathic sense of the term.

It does not have a “little paper” as with other medicines (understand non-homeopathic medicines)! Certainly, nonhomeopathic drugs have a record. The discerning reader, when he has covered the subject’s second part of this book, will have understood that the drug homeopathic may be indicated in different pathologies and against symptoms that are not limited to a single organ and cannot be “Paper” of acceptable size.

The amount of granules is the same for a human and an elephant. All of this is not serious! The amount of granules is independent of age and weight. Having never personally had to deal with an elephant, I can not indicate the number of granules necessary and sufficient to treat a suffering pachyderm. During the famous experiment made on turkeys (still they!) Raised in a battery, the number of granules was greater than that administered to a human.

Considering the disorder in a battery turkey farm, he seemed more reasonable to increase the amount administered to ensure that each will have access to treatment. That said homeopathic veterinarians use the same amount of granules as humans when it comes to treating an animal of the company. It is enough to make react to the organism concerned.

Homeopathic treatment is incompatible with nonhomeopathic treatment! Not at all! Take for example the case, fortunately rare, bacterial tonsillitis. There is a need for appropriate antibiotic therapy to eradicate the causative bacteria. But antibiotic treatment takes 3 days to act. The inflammatory phenomena generated by the bacteria, if we are satisfied with only antibiotic therapy will take a long to disappear. Very often, by the way, doctors associated with their anti-biotherapy as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

Homeopathic Treatment

A well-managed homeopathic treatment will ensure this function and can be established, parallel but not simultaneously in the mouth (for the same reason as the wine, alcohol, tobacco, etc.; see below). Another example of this association benefit between non-homeopathic and homeopathic treatments is that of treatments, so-called support, that two friend homeopathic doctors have demonstrated in partnership with cancer services Homeopaths do not prescribe vaccines! If some, more and rarer, refuse the evidence of vaccine activity, the majority of them recognize the value (just as Hahnemann did about Jennifer in the vaccine).

Everything at do they refuse the “all vaccine” and give priority to vaccines that have real evidence of their effects on health (percentage of the high protection rate and protection based on all the bacteria or viruses responsible and not on only strain) and not only for their economic efficiency (decrease in job…). Homeopathy is not preventive, it is only curative! If it is true that the basic principle, even, of homeopathy (individualization) requires knowing the patient’s symptoms before he can determine the necessary treatment, Homeopathy can be very preventive.

On the one hand, the preventive catch and early drug that corresponds to a symptom or disease that occurs always presents the same way can be prevention. On the other hand, as this is a chronic disease, the field treatment or Reaction Mode Individual that specifically reinforces the terrain, makes it less sensitive to attackers or the triggers of the disease. This is the optimal solution.

Homeopathy is dangerous for babies, they can inhale a granule! The inhalation of a granule is not problematic: it will melt in the secretions Bronchial. My child has swallowed the entire tube, should I call the emergency department of my city? Useless! The action of homeopathic medicine, as we have seen more highly, is not quantitative but qualitative. Absorption of a large number of granules will be neither more effective nor more toxic than that of 5 granules.

Homeopathy is contraindicated in cases of lactose intolerance! The quantity of lactose is extremely weak and five granules cannot cause a reaction lactose intolerance. Homeopathy is contraindicated in the case of diabetes! The amount of sugar brought by granules and globules can not cause problems in the case of diabetes: a granule tube of 75 to 80 granules corresponds to 4 g of sugar and a dosing tube to 1 g. The granule’s sugar is cariogenic! Granules and globules are not cariogenic and can be administered, even in the middle of the night, in case of a nightmare …

Homeopathy is long! Treatment of chronic or old diseases for several years cannot be as brief as desired. But the treatment of a disease or an acute symptom (which is the subject of this book) is fast. Let’s say that if the

treatment did not result in a favorable reaction (ie, the symptom or disease remains unchanged) after 3 days it is necessary to consult. We must stop tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, mint, and infusions when we take a homeopathic treatment! The granules or the entire contents of the tube dose are poured into the mouth. They melt in saliva and are fully absorbed by the sublingual bloodstream and do not pass through the stomach. This absorption path is extremely fast. But it is diminished when the caliber vessels are diminished, as is the case, for example, after the absorption of mint (mint has a vasoconstrictor action).

As for other substances, everyone knows that abuse is dangerous. However, for the hardcore (nobody is perfect …), it is better to take the granules or globules before drinking coffee or smoking a cigarette. In the case of forgetfulness, it is best, before taking the homeopathic medicine, to wait twenty minutes to allow time for the mucous membranes of the mouth to clean. As my friend likes to say, Céline Julienne-Chauvel, pharmacist and a great connoisseur of homeopathy, with whom I have often taught

homeopathy training for pharmacists: “the mouth must be clean! ” For toddlers, they can be diluted in the bottle of milk (the base of the granules is lactose) and as, usually, one does not heat the bottle beyond 37 ° C (the body temperature), this is not a problem. Otherwise, we can dilute them in a small bottle of water (which they will suck throughout the day) or crush the granules between two small spoons to turn the granules into a powder that will be poured between the gum and the lower lip.

Homeopathy can Heal Everything!

No, homeopathy can not cure everything! Like non-homeopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines cannot handle everything. As noted by the Italian ethnologist Ernesto de Martino, only magical medical practices do not experience failure20. The action of homeopathic medicines depends on the reaction abilities of the individual. For example, one can not claim to treat insulin-dependent diabetes by homeopathy alone: the pancreas is inactive and no stimulation can not pretend to make it work. We reach there, what Dr. Becker qualifies, very judiciously, as the limits of the possibilities of the reaction of the individual.

There is, therefore, no homeopathic medicine for diabetes. Finally, as we have seen above, the healing properties of the drug substance homeopathic must be revealed by pathogenesis. No pathogenesis has shown symptoms suggestive of certain diseases such as example, cancer. It is necessary to repeat it: there is no treatment for homeopathic cancer since no serious homeopathic experimentation could not reveal the same symptoms as cancer.

Homeopathic background treatment is essential!

If we consider a patient who, in 10 years, has never been sick and consults for rhinitis, Acute treatment, as presented in this book, will be amply sufficient. By

Again, another patient with recurrent rhinitis presents a chronic disease. It is therefore essential to introduce a field treatment. Do not touch the granules with your fingers! More nowadays, since granules undergo a triple impregnation. The active product goes deep into the granule, no longer remains on the surface, and is not likely to dissolve in perspiration.

The homeopathic medicine delivers a magnetic message, so do not store them near his keys, his cell, and the pharmacist should not spend the “Shower”! The message carried by homeopathic medicine is perhaps a magnetic type. Let’s wait, however, for the physical confirmation before telling. However, today, drugs are no longer delivered by oxcart. Our modern trucks produce a respectable amount of magnetic couples.

All homeopathic medicines, with or without the passage of the “hand shower” should be ineffective. This is, fortunately, not the case. A globule dose is faster than 5 granules! Homeopaths Germans and Britons do not use blood cell doses and get excellent and fast results. The globule dose is excellent conditioning when it comes to punctual treatment. It is essentially practical conditioning.

A 30 CH is stronger than 5 CH! The reasoning mode is not mathematical. Each situation corresponds to a dilution that is particular to it. Some symptoms or illnesses will respond better to drugs diluted CH; others at 30 CH dilutions. I do not have a 15 CH, I can not take 5 pellets. Too bad, I only have to take 15 in 5 CH! Unfortunately, a simple mathematical calculation proves that 15 granules diluted to one-tenth of a billionth (10-10) cannot be equivalent to 5 granules diluted at the five-fold (10-30) …


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