Best Beauty and Health Tips for Moms

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Best Beauty and Health Tips for Moms

Best Beauty and Health Tips for Moms
Best Beauty and Health Tips for Moms

Every busy mom should find time in their hectic lifestyle to take care of their looks and health. It is a great stress reliever as well as a much-needed confidence booster that can be easily achieved by practicing a few simple beauty rituals on a regular basis.

When a woman becomes a mom her life undergoes a drastic change. They turn from busy to super busy, with millions of chores around the house that often take up all their time, energy, and spirits. This is a common occurrence in today’s society, with many moms opting to work as well as run a house and family.

Amongst their busy schedule, many moms find no time to take care of their appearance or health. Very often you see moms running around on their various duties looking flustered and awry, with no makeup on, showing very well that they have spent minimum time on their looks.

But it shouldn’t be so, a mom is a woman too and every woman wants to, needs to feel and look beautiful. It is a characteristic that is inherent in them and if you lose track and forget to take care of yourself, eventually, (when you do find time to breathe) you will regret it.

So don’t let it happen to you, make it a point to find time to care for your looks and in turn, health. You owe it to yourself and your family. It is also a great remedy for stress, bad moods, and of course, a healthy and wholesome existence. Even a little extra time, spent on your appearance, will definitely be rewarding, a lingered look from your husband, a cute comment from your toddler or an admiring glance from a passing stranger; it is the best medication for a tired and hectic day!

A few simple practices or rituals, followed on a regular basis, will definitely help any active mom maintain their looks and stay beautiful and maintain good health. The following tips will undoubtedly help achieve this balance in the life of a super busy, stay at home mom.

1- Eat Healthily

Don’t skip meals simply due to lack of time. Make it a point to eat 3 well-balanced meals. Moms often miss out on their breakfast or lunch due to a hectic schedule. Grabbing a bite while on various tasks is not a healthy practice. You can easily make it a point to have breakfast with your family, eating with your kids and turning it into a ‘spending quality time together’ task.

If you can pack lunch for your kids, you can have the meal yourself. Don’t skip lunch because you don’t have time to prepare a meal, it isn’t an excuse. Increase the quantity when you prepare for your kids, and keep your portion aside, and most importantly, make it a point to eat it.

Sit down for dinner with your family. Don’t let fatigue get in the way of a healthy appetite. Refresh yourself before dinner (even if it means dinner gets delayed by ten minutes), it will help you regain your appetite and mood.

2- A Few Indulgences

Promise yourself a few indulgences, nothing fancy, simple treats like a hot bubble bath, a face pack (you can nap while having it on too), extra time on your nails, a foot rub, an oil massage for your hair and maybe a fancy haircut, indulging in these simple luxuries once in a while will do wonders on your looks and lift up your spirits immensely.

3- Wrap Up Your Day in Style

Before you go to bed at night, practice a hearty beauty care ritual, and promise yourself to follow it through, no matter how exhausted you may be. Have a long, hot bath, comb your hair till it shines, apply a night cream on your face, and massage your tired hands and legs with a vitamin lotion. Investigate your body for chapped nails, sunburns, pimples, freckles, wrinkles, or any other signs and apply remedies for them.

4- Doctor Visits

Don’t ignore your minor aches and pains, visit your doctor regularly. Even if you have no illnesses or pain, make it a point to have a regular checkup with your doctor, a monthly or quarterly visit for assurance of your health. Never take it for granted that your physical fitness will not wan away, keeping it in mind when you run around on strenuous tasks. A backache can easily turn into something big and turn you from invincible to invalid. So never ignore your health, because if you do, not just you, but your whole household will suffer.

5- Socialize

Find a room in your busy schedule for your girlfriends, socialize with them whenever possible. Make plans ahead of time, so they follow through. A shopping spree, a spa treatment, or a simple luncheon treat over a hearty chat, quality time spent with your friends/time out for yourself is much a remedy as various cosmetic treatments. It is a definite stress reliever that will undoubtedly help vitalize your beauty from within.

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