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Aromatherapy and His Benefits

  • More Effective than Vitamins and Herbs
  • Aromatherapy essential oils can have a positive emotional and physical effect.
  • When used for massage, it’s more than feeling good!

For more information as to why essential oils are so effective for your health, discover the amazing properties of aromatherapy and essential oils. Used wisely for ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, depression, hay fever, insomnia, allergies, and some during pregnancy also for flu and colds, aromatherapy is a very effective form of alternative health treatment for home use.

The Essential oils can be diffused or massage or simply rubbed onto the body. Some oils have a narcotic effect and need to be used with care especially if pregnant. During pregnancy use extreme care unless using the services of a professional aromatherapist in which case their advice should be followed.

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