The Most Powerful Olive Oil Benefits For your Health

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The Most Powerful Olive Oil Benefits For your Health

The Most Powerful Olive Oil Benefits For your Health

Dear Friends of Health, when I was little, with my brothers and sisters we accompanied Some Sundays our father, originally Of the Cevennes, near Uzès in the Gard, to recover Olive oil intended for the family. She had a nice green color, and when it rained on the salad or the Asparagus until the last drop of fluid gold, we Felt and feasted his palate of flavors. It does not know all the benefits of it for the health of each.

I will focus on these treasures that are the Polyphenols discovered thanks to the progress of the techniques Analytical dosage of the different components. They allow you to know and select The best qualities according to the methods of extraction, cultural patterns, and their geography. We are no longer 3000 years before our era! it is generally the source of the lipid intake in the Méditerranian diet, associated with goat cheese and/or Sheep.

Here is the evidence for both specialists To all of you who wanted to know what Good and useful for health in olive oil. I’ve been looking for olive groves in an area.

Olive oil Rich in Polyphenols

The natural polyphenols of it are molecules Bioavailable and highly bioactive, which Give a multitude of benefits to human health. These Compounds are part of the family of antioxidants. They allow Combatting free radicals with deleterious effects: Cell aggression, DNA modification, oxidation of Lipids. Recent studies have shown that Hydroxytyrosol Olive oil improves the mitochondrial function that prevents Cellular aging and therefore aging of the body. This brings us back to confirm that this compound is a useful agent for preventing aging and Age-related illnesses.

The polyphenols of olive oil also participate in the protection And the treatment of cancer. In this context, it has been demonstrated That Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein have an anti-cancer effect On colon cancer, blood cancer, cancer Breast,… These famous compounds act against cancer by Several antiproliferative and pro-apoptotic mechanisms. 

The benefits of phenolic olive oil compounds On the cardiovascular system have been elucidated by several Authors. The polyphenols of it promote The reduction of the presence of cellular adhesion molecules, Increase the availability of nitric oxide, suppress Platelet aggregation, protect LDL from Oxidation to delay atherosclerosis, and reduce the reaction Inflammatory.

Currently, other virtues of the polyphenols of oil Olives are recognized, including their antibacterial effect, Treatment, and prevention of diabetes and disease of Alzheimer’s.

Olive oil, Source of Antioxidants And good fatty acids

The chemical composition of it contains elements Major and minor. Olive oil has A balanced nutritional composition of fatty acids and Triglycerides (98% of the total weight). The abundance of acid Oleic, a mono-unsaturated fatty acid, is the characteristic That defines olive oil outside of other vegetable oils. Oleic acid (C18:1 N-9) represents 56 to 84% of acids Olive oil (Rossell, 2001), while linoleic acid (C18:2 N-6) which is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid For human consumption, represents 3 to 21% (Tiscornia et al., 1982; Visioli et al., 1998).

The minor components, Represent about 2% of the total weight of the oil, in particular, More than 230 chemical compounds, such as alcohols Aliphatic and Triterpene, sterols, hydrocarbons, Volatile compounds and polyphenols (Servili et al., 2002). Nevertheless, it is the presence of phenolic compounds and other special antioxidants that give the oil of olive high stability against oxidation with a color and a unique flavor distinguishing it from other oils.

Antioxidants of Olive Oil

The Most Powerful Olive Oil for your Health

The main antioxidants of olive oil are carotenes and phenolic compounds, including phenols Lipophilic and Hydrophilic (Boskou, 1996). Tocopherols (phenols lipophilic) can be found in oils Other vegetables, while some hydrophilic phenols Such hydroxytyrosol of it are generally not Not present in other oils and fats

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

is the oil obtained from the fruit of The olive tree only by mechanical processes or other Physical processes in conditions, particularly thermal, That does not cause oil alteration and has not undergone any No treatment other than washing, settling, centrifuging and filtration? The free acidity expressed as oleic acid is a maximum of 1 gram for 100 grams.

Virgin Olive Oil

Is the oil obtained from the fruit of The olive tree only by identical processes and treatments With extra virgin olive oil, but whose free acidity expressed as oleic acid is not more than 2 grams for 100 grams. Refined olive oil is the olive oil obtained from the Virgin olive oils by refining techniques that do not lead to No changes to the initial glycéridique structure.

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