How to Treat High Blood Pressure With Alternative Remedies

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High Blood Pressure

In order to force blood flow through a circuit (i.e. the body) it is thought that the heart must generate a certain amount of pressure. If this pressure is too low, it may eliminate circulation, if it is too high it may result in other problems, such as burst pipes or overheated pumps.

It is said that high blood pressure might have many dangers to health. Small blood vessels are believed to require a minimal amount of, if this pressure becomes too high they might often grow thicker walls. High blood pressure has been said to damage organs, including the eyes, brain, heart, and kidneys.

Blood pressure may be recorded at two points, whilst the heart is contracting (systolic), and during relaxation (diastolic). Both of these are viewed as essential for healthy circulation. Blood Pressure may change during the day, and it tends to be greater when the heart is working harder, for example during physical activity, or when a person is suffering from stress, whilst it tends to decrease if the heart is relaxing, for example during periods of rest or sleep.

Overgrowth of the heart muscles may produce problems, such as limited blood and oxygen supply, thought as hypertension, and this is becoming more common, with undesirable lifestyles and diets believed to have caused this in people as young as 20. The most common age at which individuals suffer from hypertension is reported to be around 45-50, although the older a person becomes, the greater the chance they are to be affected. There are reported to be many factors that might cause high blood pressure, including an unhealthy lifestyle, such as the vast amount of smoking or consumption of alcohol, being overweight, no physical activity and high levels of stress. Although it has not been through a serious condition, it may be also possible to suffer from low blood pressure, and this might result in dizziness or faintness.

Reported symptoms of high blood pressure

– Blood vessel abnormalities, including congenital abnormalities and inflammatory diseases.

– Use of various drugs and toxins, this may be alcohol, medical drugs, marijuana, heroin and more.

– Hormonal disorder, which might cause harm to the adrenal, thyroid or the parathyroid gland.

– Pregnancy may sometimes result in high blood pressure

– Kidney diseases, including cysts, infections, and tumors.

Ways said to sustain healthy blood pressure

– Anyone over the age of 40 has been recommended to check their blood pressure on a yearly basis.

–  A maximum of one unit of alcohol a day has been advised.

– Frequent exercise, e.g. running, swimming, rowing, has also been recommended.

–  Losing any excess weight has also been suggested.

– Eating a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetable a day has been advised.

– Restricting intake of salts and saturated fats, e.g. margarine has been considered to be beneficial.

Supplements that are reported to be good for people suffering from high blood pressure

– Calcium supplements are thought to be good as it has been proven to reduce blood pressure and is involved in muscle contraction.

– Hawthorn supplements are thought to be useful as it has been said that it widens blood vessels and helps in moderating the heart.

– Garlic supplements are beneficial as they are said to reduce blood pressure.

– Omega 3 supplements are thought to be good as they feature essential fatty acids that aid healthy circulation.

Raynaud’s disease

This health problem is believed to interrupt blood flow to various parts of the body, including toes, ears, and fingers. This is especially prevalent during periods of stress, or when suffering from a cold. When suffering from Raynaud’s disease, the affected sections might feel extremely cold and have been reported to turn white, blue and might eventually transform into the red.

Some of the signs of Raynaud’s disease include color and temperature variations in the fingers. It is also possible that a family past of similar conditions could trigger this.

There are certain types of Raynaud’s disease. There is the primary type, which is by far the most well-known kind, and it is a milder problem. The other is the secondary type. This tends to occur due to lifestyle and might be stimulated by another disease. This condition is believed to be much more serious. Connective tissue diseases such as scleroderma and lupus are thought to be the most frequent cause of secondary Raynaud’s. It may also arise in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and individuals with blood vessel disease. People suffering from secondary Raynaud’s usually experience more severe problems such as gangrene in the fingers and toes or skin ulcers.

How is it believed that Raynaud’s disease may be combated?

– There are prescription treatments for Raynaud’s disease which are said to open blood vessels that and have been said to be effective. However, they may have unpleasant side effects.

– Using high strength ginkgo Biloba has been reported to reduce the number of attacks occurring of primary Raynaud’s.

How to prevent Raynaud’s disease?

-Consuming natural remedies such as ginger and garlic is thought to be beneficial for sufferers.
– Taking Vitamin E or magnesium supplements is believed to be useful.
– It has been recommended that plenty of exercises is required to maintain healthy circulation.
– Evening Primrose Oil is said to be excellent in relieving signs of Raynaud’s disease.
– Magnesium supplements are thought to be useful as they have useful effects on the cardiovascular system, as it aids the relaxation of constricted blood vessels.

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