3 Best Ways to Grow Your Eyebrows

3 Best Ways to Grow Your Eyebrows

3 Best Ways to Grow Your Eyebrows

3 Best Ways to Grow Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows have become the focal point of many looks over the last few years. With celebrities like Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne taking full and luscious brows into mainstream media and pop beauty culture, more people are doing what they can to recreate these celebrities’ appearances.

The Listnotes that in 2022, having full natural brows just may be one of the biggest trends. Gone are the box brows of the early 2010s. People are opting for the more free-flowing look and ditching the harsh edges and angles.

This look can easily be achieved with the help of makeup but if you want to make your brows fuller and thicker without them, there are a few remedies that can work. Here are some of the ways you can grow your brows:

Drink lots of water

Our past article on the‘Top 10 Natural Beauty Tips for the Face’ explains that drinking water will keep your face and body healthy. It flushes out toxins and balances your fluids. Another thing drinking enough water can do is promotes hair growth. It helps transport vitamins and nutrients to the roots of your hair which keep them strong and healthy.

Your hair also needs to stay hydrated for it to grow, so drinking ample amounts of water can help. Though it may initially seem like the two aren’t related, hair growth can be dependent on how much water you consume every day. To achieve a naturally full and fluffy look, drink eight to ten cups daily.

Apply a Growth Serum

Another thing you can do to get thicker brows is by applying growth serum.SymptomFind outlines that ingredients with minoxidil and bimatoprost have been found to improve hair growth. These additives were originally created to cure health conditions, hypertension, and glaucoma, respectively, but they have side effects of excess hair.

This also means that taking medication or applying serums with these can help you grow your brows. You can also try using products containing biotin and peptides. These contain nutrients that can boost hair growth and strengthen them. They are also great for the skin surrounding the brows, helping it stay healthy and moisturized. Use a growth serum regularly to make them effective and to get the best results.

Change your Makeup Routine

When putting makeup on your eyebrows, you can use products like pencils or pomades to help your brows appear fuller. Another surprising thing you can do is use petroleum jelly as an eyebrow gel.The Greatestwrites that this substance contains numerous waxes and oils that actually promote hair growth. Using it as a brow gel means they will be fully coated daily, increasing its effectiveness.

It also works because the consistency of petroleum jelly will help your brows look naturally fuller and hold them in place. All you have to do is apply it using a spool the same way you would use a normal gel. Making this simple switch can make a big difference in growing your eyebrows.

There are many ways you can try to make your eyebrows fuller, whether it’s through makeup, applying different serums and oils, or making a lifestyle change. Remember that when you are trying to get thicker brows, it is also important to not groom them too much.

When you pluck or thread them, the hair will take longer to grow. Eyebrows can make a big difference when it comes to your makeup look and these are just some of the ways you can promote their growth.


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