Best ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser Review

ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Have you been searching for a way to breathe and sleep better? Are you in need of fresh air and you want an air humidifier and you can’t because it is a bit challenging to use? Do you want to relax and let go of your stress by creating the perfect atmosphere in your home?

No need to bother yourself as you don’t have to worry because there is a perfect solution for you! The ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser with Wi-Fi is the perfect solution you have been searching for!

The Essential Oil Diffuser ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi has its origin from Japan. The company focuses attention on creative and design household items to give a comfortable life to its customers. The term “ASAKUKI” originates from the Japanese language meaning “air in the morning”. The product is aimed at providing a healthy family life. With the use of success and experience in the industry, the company created a unique and customized project management team, aimed at fulfilling the needs of customers by providing high-quality household items with comfort, innovation, and technology.

BEST Essential Oil Diffuser Features:


The Best essential oil diffuser is great for every yoga studio, office, or home, to enable you to create a relaxing atmosphere. The device humidifies the air to protect you from having dry lips and skin. The smart aroma oil diffuser creates the perfect environment to enable you to sleep better, feel and relax more than ever.


This product makes use of the latest technology to enable you to control it perfectly through the use of an app! You can download the TuyaSmart app. It is suitable for every tablet and smartphone from which you can change the mode of the diffuser or turn it on and off. The oil diffuser is compatible with Amazon Echo and this makes it possible for it to work with Alexa for easy use.



The essential oil diffuser is a completely toxic-free and BPA-free material. This makes it very safe for everyone, even little kids. It can be safely used on a regular basis and also when you are fast asleep for an improved night’s rest. It will automatically stop working when the device is out of water, to reduce the power consumption rate.


The oil diffuser has a large capacity of 700 ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, hence for best results, it can function throughout the night. The light of the device can be dimmed or turned off so it will not create disturbance to your sleep. Via the TuyaSmart app, the humidifier can set countdown timers and schedule timers, so for maximum results, it can be adjusted to your needs every time.

PURCHASE The Best Essential Oil Diffusers is 100% RISK-FREE:

The company has a lot of confidence in its best essential oil diffusers. They also make use of them in their own homes! Each one of the devices has technical support for 1-year.


Compatible with the essential oil diffuser, Amazon Echo will enable you to voice requests Alexa to either put it on and off. Whenever you are suffering mildly from the dry air? The essential oil diffuser can be of help!



Tuya Smart app can be used to remote control your essential oil diffuser, adjust color, turn the device on and off, set timers, and adjust mist density, you only need to download the app.


ASAKUKI diffuser can humidify air. The device can be a great partner for your family life and can give a fresh scent to every room.


Are you afraid of cold and flu? By owning an ASAKUK 500 ml essential oil diffuser you can strengthen the immune system and improve your breathing.


You can enjoy a peaceful night by adding drops of essential oils and lying on the bed.


This amazing diffuser for essential oil can be operated and controlled via an app on your mobile phone!

The device is incredibly beautiful, all plastic, very light, all plastic, and very sturdy, and the external shell is a semi-matte white color, translucent, and gently diffuses the light. It is fairly bright (has seven colors to pick from, the colors can be set to low or high or low brightness.

For all practical purposes, the machine runs silently. You will hear the very slight hum of the cooling fan and the nice sound of bubbling water droplets when you put your ear close to the device. The sound is restful.


Hold either side and slide up to lift off the plastic over shell, and fill the internal tank with 700 ml of water (from the outside and inside of the tank, there is a visible and clearly marked “large capacity” line). Depending on the strength of the scent you are experimenting with, put five to ten drops of essential oil into the water. Slide back the outer shell, for a certain number of hours select to run it until empty, select high or low strength mist, then select between a changing light-show and a single color. The mist will appear immediately with literally no heat or waiting and practically no sound.

The Asakuki smart Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser is a unique product that has all of the advertised features and looks great performing them.

  • for any room or any setting, the color schemes are easy to change
  • it connects easily with Alexa
  • when the water runs out, it automatically turns off
  • with the app you can control the brightness of the light
  • the app can also control the strength of the mist oozing out

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT diffuser essential oil


Especially during the winter, if you’re using an air conditioner, the air around you can tend to be dry. This can impact you and your loved ones in various ways, from finding it difficult to breathe to dry skin and chapped lips and dry skin.

You can purify the air in your space with the Wi-Fi smart humidifier to make it healthier for you and your family. With the air purifier, you will be able to feel amazing, breathe, and sleep better every day.

The humidifier has a large capacity of 700 ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, so you can leave it on while sleeping and it can go on for hours, as it is very safe for everyone!

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