Aromatherapy all Thing you Should be Know

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What Is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. From there, essential oils are an aromatic and volatile liquid or at times a semi-solid that contains the plant’s odorous properties. Essential oils are nature’s own perfume, many essential oils give a plant its scent. Many of us know what a rose smells like, the smell of fresh-cut rosemary or peel an orange and indulge in the scent; all of these scents are the essential oil of the plant that you smell.

Many of us at some point have used a product that stated it was an aromatherapy product such as lotions, bath products, and candles. Many of us believe the labels stating that they are aromatherapy products not knowing that they might not be true aromatherapy products. But after checking many of the labels myself I’ve found that they are not true aromatherapy products, they use fragrance oils, not essential oils. There are some products out there that do use essential oils but are greatly outnumbered by ones that do not. Many of us including myself have used products that claim they are aromatherapy but use fragrance oils. They claim to do things for you like calm and relax you and even though the scent may be calming and relaxing in itself it’s not from essential oils. The only way to know if the products contain essential oils is to check the label and look for the scientific or standard name of the essential oil.

Aromatherapy is a great alternative to help many conditions, which will be gone into more depth in later articles, because of the different properties of the essential oils used. Many people are finding a natural approach to taking care of themselves through the use of aromatherapy and essential oils. There are many ways to do this, seeing an aromatherapist who will mix specialized blends for you, there is a multitude of books that have blended to use and many health stores carry essential oils and can give you some basic guidelines in using the oils or simply by buying products that contain essential oils. If you go purchase your own essential oils please use caution and research the oil before you use it and remember that less is best with essential oils because they are very concentrated.

A Variety of Aromatherapy Oils

Costus root’s Latin name is Sassuriea Costus. The oils were extracted from plant roots and processed via steam. The India based oils grow black flowers, which the dried plant roots are separated, softened, and soaked in warm water. The plants are then made into Costus root through the steam distillation process. The oils are brown or yellow, and the common use is to work as an antiseptic, antiviral, febrifuge, antispasmodic, bactericidal, and so on. The oils are claimed to heal those dealing with hypertension, stomach acids, and so on. In addition, Costus root oils are used to make perfumes and cosmetics. Costus roots are also an ingredient in Soda pops and alcohol, as well as in specific foods. The soft aromas blend with Ylang oils, floral scents, patchouli, Oriental oils, and so on. Costus Root, however, is a dermal irritant, which is not recommended as aromatherapy.

Coriander essential oils also named Coriandrum Sativum was extracted via the steam distillation process from plant seeds. Russia based oil produces aroma from its plant. The plants are from the native lands of Asia and throughout Mediterranean areas and are grown for the purpose of its aromatic leaves. The aroma is also used in cooking. The oils are also called Chinese parsley. Coriander oils are clear or pale yellow and are commonly used as an aphrodisiac, analgesic, deodorant, antispasmodic, and so on. The oils relieve mental fatigue, rheumatism, nervous disorders, tension, migraines, arthritis, colds, flu, muscle spasms, and so on. The medium strength aromas blend with cinnamon, orange, pink or white oils, ginger, lemon, and so on. The people throughout the lands of Egypt used Coriander more so as an aphrodisiac. India used the oils as a flavoring for foods, while the Greeks and Romans used the oils to flavor their wine.

Copaiba Balsam is another of the essential oils known as Copaifera Officinalis. The oils were steam distilled extracted from crude resin plants. Copaiba Balsam began in Brazil, yet the oils are now spread throughout the country. The pale yellow oils are commonly used to balance, soothe and uplift the mind and body. Blended aromatherapy oils used with Copaiba Balsam is said to extend life. The medium strength oils blend with spicy oils, floral oils, etc. The oil also has an aphrodisiac agent, which works well with Jasmine, sandalwood, rose, frankincense, vanilla, Ylang oils, and so on. The oils are also used in colognes, soap, perfumes, detergents, and so on.

Clove Bud oils named Syzgium Aromaticum as well came from India. The oils were extracted via steam distillation methods from plant buds. The aromatic spices present a strong aromatic scent, which was distilled from the dried flower buds of the tropical clove trees and used as a flavoring for sweet and spicy foods. The evergreen trees come from the family of Myrtle, and from the native Moluccas. In addition, the buds are grown in various tropical regions. The light golden yellow oils are commonly used as a treatment for mild aches and pains, such as toothaches, etc. The oils will help fight colds and flu as well. The scents come in both medium and strong and blend with spicy oils, peppermint, grapefruit, Citronella, Rosemary, rose, orange oils, and lemon oils.

Clementine is an essential oil sometimes known as Citrus Nobilis. The oils were extracted from crude plant peels and through a cold press procedure. The plant originated in Italy. The pale yellow oils are commonly used to revitalize the soul, whilst balancing sleep. Insomniacs could benefit from using this oil. The medium strength oil blends with floral and citrus family scents.

Aromatherapy Botanic Extracts


Botanic extracts in the aromatherapy product line are 100% natural. The powered extracts are ideal for using as toiletry, and to treat hair and skin. The extracts compose biology cells, which serve as a purpose to structure. The extracts compose organic salts, fats, amino acids, minerals, and oils. The extracts include cucumber, barley grass, green tea extracts, chamomile, lotus leaf, St. John, Ginseng, and so on. Additional blends include the Reishi Mushroom, White Willow, Gentian Root, Bilberry, Guarana seed, and so on.

Online you will find a variety of extracts, essential oils, scented oils, fragrances, and more along the aromatherapy product line. Aromatherapy has a long line of essential oils, yet all the oils listed are not aromatherapy solutions.

Some of the oils include absinthe, ajowan, African bluegrass, Angelica root, anise star, armoise mugwort, arborvitae wild, asafoetida, basil, Australian balm mint brush, bay, bergamot, bay, Betal leaf, Blood orange, black currant seed, Cajeput, Cade, and so on. The oils work in a variety of ways to soothe and heal the body and mind.

The blood orange is an essential oil, which comes from the citrus family. The oil was extracted through a cold-press method. The oils come from crude plant fruit peels and it originated in Italy. The deep orange oils are commonly used as aromatherapy relieving a variety of illnesses. The oils include an antispasmodic, antidepressant, deodorant, aphrodisiac, cordial, nervous stimulants, digestive, cardiac, and circulatory stimulants, as well as carminative aids. The medium scent oils blend with myrrh, nutmeg, lemon, lavender, clove, clary sage, cinnamon, etc. The blood orange is sometimes called Maltese Orange. Spanish natives continue to call the oils Naranja.

Ajowan another of aromatherapy’s essential oils, stems from herbs and is extracted from a steam distilled method. The starting point of ajowan oils come from India. Ajowan oils are pale yellow, brown. Ajowan oils are basic for motivating the body and mind. As well ajowan is exploited as an antispasmodic remedy. AS add-on ajowan oil has microscopic organisms, in addition to properties, which assist in fighting bellyaches, cramps, heartburn, or related colic symptoms. Ajowan has a strong scent that blends with sage, parsley, and aromatic plants known as thymes.

Chamomile Roman oils derived from Hungary, and are processed through steam distillation, in which the oils are extracted from flower head plants. The yellow oils are commonly used as an ingredient in herbal medicines. The oils are useful in treating insomnia, aches, and pains, joint and muscle discomforts, PMS, etc. The strong aroma scents aid as a relaxant, sedative, and disinfect. The oil blends with lavender, frankincense, geranium, rosewood, rose, clary sage, marjoram, Ylang oils, Cedarwood, and so on.

Australian balms oils assist in helping relieve headaches, colds, bellyaches, including colic symptoms, and so on. The oil’s Latin name is Prostandthera Melissifolia. Like many other of aromatherapy’s oils, the plants were extracted through a steam process. The oil includes an antibacterial solution. The oils also have anti-fungal agents.

Bay essential oils come from the leaves of particular plants and are steam distilled. The plants derive from West India. The plants are also grown in Guiana and Venezuela. The golden yellow oils produced from the Bay plants aid as an antiseptic, astringent, antibiotic, analgesic, aperitif, anti-neuralgic, and so on. You can use oil to rest rheumatism symptoms, neuralgia, circulation discomforts, flu, colds, muscle pain, skin infections, dental infections, and diarrhea. The strong oils blend with juniper, Cedarwood, Ginger, Ylang oils, geranium, Rosemary, rose, orange scents, lemon, eucalyptus, thyme, coriander, etc. The sweet-smelling aromas are said to symbolize peace, wisdom, and security. Bay oils are also used to make rum liquors.

Aromatherapy Blends


Botanic oils include Salvia Sclarea, otherwise known as Clary Sage. The oil was extracted via a steam distillation process, extracted from plant flowers and leaves. The Bulgaria based plants are herbs with hairy-like leaves and are large in form. The oils extracted from the plants are light golden yellow. The oil is commonly used as aromatherapy, including used as an antidepressant, sedative, antispasmodic, tonic, deodorant, hypertension healer, and so on. The oil has also been known to assist in relieving asthma symptoms and spasms. The medium or strong scented oil blends with a variety of essential oils, including German, bergamot, Roman, chamomile, Cedarwood, Neroli, jasmine, rosewood, lavender, orange, geranium, sandalwood, Ylang oils, and so on.

Citronella Java oils also called Cymbopogon winterianus comes from the gum plants and are steam distilled, extracted from the plants. The beginning of citronella arrives in Sri Lanka. The lemon aromatic grass is an Asian tropical bluish-green, lemon aromatic leave, and contains aromatic oils. The oils are used in perfumes and are used as an insect repellent. The oils are yellowish-brown and are used as aromatherapy. The oils include antiseptics, insecticide, deodorant, tonics, and parasitic. Used with Cedarwood flavors the oil can work well as an insect repellent. The oils are also used to make candles, soaps, etc. You can use the oils to fight flu and cols, as well as oily hair/skin and perspiration. The medium scents blend within a variety of oils, including pine, bergamot, lavender, bitter orange, orange, Cedarwood, lemon, and Geranium oils. Still, it is a, predominate insect repellent.

Another of the botanic oils available is the Citral essentials. The oil was extracted via the steam distilling process, which came from stems and roots from plants. China is the beginning, yet China is far from the end of these oils roots. The oils are light yellow and commonly used as an antiseptic, invigorator, antidepressant, and works to heal the nerves, and soothe pain and aches. The oil produces a strong lemon scent, as well as an herbaceous scent. The oils will treat athletic foot odors and itching, acne, scabies, oily skin, and will help to reduce stress.

The botanic aromatherapy Chilly Seed oils were distilled from steam and plant seeds. Mexico based oils also come from plants in Southern America and Central America. The rich, reddish-orange oils are commonly used in aromatherapy since it has an analgesic agent, anti-inflammatory agent, and an aid to the digestive system. The strong scents do not blend with other oils.

When you are searching for aromatherapy oils it is best to shop online. Shopping online gives you advantages, including live support. In other words, you can find Live Chat Support online to help you find oils that may not be listed in the series of articles. I thought I would throw this in to give you a briefing on how shopping online can bring you a variety of benefits.

Continuing Chenopodium essential oils were extracted from plant fruit and leaves and distilled through the use of steam. Russia based oils are commonly used in a variety of problems. The oils will work to remove roundworms, Ascaride, as well as treat diuretics. The strong scent does not blend with other oils. The oils are sometimes called the American Wormseed Oils.

Chaulmoogra is another of the essential oils utilized in treating rheumatism, skin disease, eczema, scrofula, bruising, sores, sprains, leprosy, and so on. The oil derived from India but is currently utilized all over the world. For additional information on aromatherapy and essential oils go online where you will find a variety of helpful information.

Aromatherapy Defining Science


If I gave your dollar for every time someone says that we had the ultimate solution to heal the body and mind. Would you be rich? In contrast, if I gave you a dollar for everyone that says this product doesn’t work. Wouldn’t you also be rich?

Science has studied down through the year’s essential oils, scented oils, or aromatic oils. The oils have been tested, retested, and tested again. How many times does it take to prove do something works? Science its work from discipline, knowledge, skills, and art, so what would make anyone disbelieve these people. The fact is they are human beings and will make mistakes. In fact, as human beings dishonesty moves about in the workplace. In addition, curiosity stretches. For instance, a person can find a perfect remedy and may find something wrong with it, add something to it, and destroying its perfection. What are we to believe?

We believe in ourselves, our experiences, and we learn from our mistakes. Have you tried aromatherapies essential oils? Do you know first hand if the products work? Have you read reviews from those who have tried aromatherapy essential oils?

First understand that aromatherapy is a massaging practice, which primarily focuses on the facial area while using essential oils extracted from fruits, herbs, and plants. The oils come from natural sources and produce aromas. The fact is, working the facial area alone is not enough, since the body has pressure points in a variety of areas. To help you appreciate aromatherapy and essential oils however, we can continue by asking you to think.

Now, I want you to sit down and think for a minute. Think about the last time you smelled an orange growing from its natural source. What did you feel? What did your senses, smell, taste, thoughts, etc tell you? If you do like oranges think of natural fruit, herb, or plant that set off your senses.

Those same fruits are used to make wine, liquor, beer, cigarettes, related tobacco products, etc, which does not always give a good sense of smell. Why, because coupled with the natural ingredients, are man-made ingredients? It has been contaminated.

The fact is, is so have those plants, fruits, flowers, etc, since man sprays harmful chemicals over the lands, consequently contaminating our natural sources. Still, like human life plants, flowers, etc, are able to reproduce although it has been spoiled. The human body has the capabilities of restoring older cells or dying cells with new cells. This gives our body the ability to heal naturally. Yet, if we continue to harm the body, it gradually deteriorates, since new cells cannot reproduce quickly enough to replace dying, or older cells. This happens with plants as well.

In addition, the body has pressure points, which over the years as stress plagues us, i.e. we are overwhelmed by society, laws, lawlessness, etc; our body starts to feel weighed down. Massage therapy then is a healer in itself, especially if the person has professional skills that he/she can use to hit those pressure points.

For instance, the foot composes the stomach muscles, lower back, etc. Now, if someone knows what they’re doing they could quickly release stomach tension, lower back pain, and additional pains alone without using aromatherapy essential oils. However, a masseuse could combine aromatherapy with massage therapy to completely relax the body and mind. Why, simply because aromas have for years set moods, relaxed people, etc because it is a natural source.

Furthermore, there are still people in the world denying that we were created, and once lived from natural sources. While they continue to deny this fact, our time today has proven that what we once lived in the histories, is a better choice of living. That is we must rely on nature rather than man and man-made products to live healthier and longer. Essential oils that are a part of the natural sources we must continue to rely on to relax the body and mind.

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