Capsaicin – Hot Cayenne Pepper is Good for you

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Capsaicin – Hot Cayenne Pepper is Good for you

Capsaicin - Hot Cayenne Pepper is Good for you
Capsaicin – Hot Cayenne Pepper is Good for you

Cayenne pepper, made from the dried pods of chili peppers, has been a stimulant and rejuvenate for thousands of years. The active ingredient in cayenne is capsaicin. Capsaicin is measured in heat units. The hotter the pepper, the better is healthwise.

Cayenne used for cooking ranges from 2000 to 4000 heat units. But Cayenne that is sold for herbal use is rated at 10,000 heat units! It is known that the cardiovascular benefit of Cayenne increases as the heating unit, or capsaicin increases.

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Some of the cardiovascular benefits of Cayenne include Reduced Blood Pressure because Cayenne dilates the blood vessels and allows increased blood circulation…

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Cayenne fights fatigue because the increased circulation lowers the blood pressure and increases the distribution of oxygen.

Cayenne lowers cholesterol by thinning the blood.

Cayenne reduces the risk of blood clots when it thins the blood.

Cayenne lowers cholesterol and bile acids in the intestines. As a result, the body can secrete more cholesterol.

Cayenne increases metabolism by increasing the intestinal temperature.

Cayenne aids digestion eases muscular pain, relieves cluster headaches, reduces arthritis pain, fights shingles, prevents heart disease, treats diabetic foot pain, cramping pain and gas pains.

Cayenne stimulates the flow of saliva and stomach secretions, which is beneficial to the body. However, cayenne is not recommended to anyone with ulcers!

Capsaicin, the chemical in red pepper is so effective as a pain reliever that they now have an over-the-counter cream with capsaicin in it.

Cayenne stimulates the vital organs of the body, thereby promoting cardiovascular efficiency while lowering the blood pressure.

Red hot chili peppers in wooden box

Keep Cayenne on the dinner table, and sprinkle it on your food. Experts say that even small amounts are beneficial. Capsaicin, the hot ingredient is good for your overall health!

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