Treat The Influenza – Symptoms, and Causes

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Influenza - Symptoms and Causes
Influenza – Symptoms and Causes

More commonly named as the FLU, influenza is a viral fever that usually occurs during the autumn and wintertime, as a change in weather weakens the body. Viral infections might affect anyone, but especially individuals who are overworked. Flu comes about by lodging itself in the lining of the nose and sinuses as an individual breathes in.

The body creates both mucus and fluid in line to protect itself from the virus. However, if the pathogenic forces in the body are to a larger effect than the cyanogenetic forces, the virus will transport through the throat and tonsils, and eventually, it will go via the bronchial tract, which may cause full-blown flu. Suffering from the Flu can view itself in various forms, including sore throat, fever, headaches, and coughing.

Although the body is prepared to cope with viruses, there are believed to be many other various treatments including a switch in diet, massage, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques. Some of the most well-known treatments are shown below:

– Sleep –

It has been advised to sleep as much as possible as it will provide the body the opportunity to rebuild its resources.

– Herbal teas – 

Ginger tea is thought to be refreshing, chamomile tea is considered a relaxant, and sweetened honey is said to be desirable.

– Massage –

Massage is reported to be a great treatment for influenza as it might lower temperatures and has been reported to cure a sore throat.

– Nose drops –

One drop of olive oil or sesame oil, in each nostril, has been recommended.

Supplements Said to be Helpful if Suffering from Influenza

– Gelsenium- This homeopathic flu remedy has been used in the past.
– Anti-inflammatory pain relief, such as ibuprofen has also been recommended.


In general, the body has to be overworked before it may catch a cold. Colds are thought to occur when the body has been exposed to cold air or it has been getting wet. This might mean that the body’s energy is then eliminated in heating it up. This is then reported to result in the loss of inner heat and the body then gears up its resources to compensate for that. This also usually affects the immunity system.

Opportunistic viruses in the air attempt to enter the body through the nasal passage where they started to thrive. The mucus in the nose then washes the virus out by behaving very defensively to it. If the virus becomes any worse, it might result in the inflammation of the throat, sinuses, and lungs.

In order to help the body fight off the virus, it has been recommended to avoid cold water and chilled drinks, as well as milky products as they are said to increase mucus production. It has been advised to eat fungal foods such as mushrooms and cheese.

Ginger tea and pepper are viewed as helpful for the immunity system. Drinking soup often heats the body up and a tablespoon of honey in a warm glass of water prior to bedtime is thought to be useful.

Influenza man sick

Various kinds of treatments that have been used for colds:

Nose Drops –

It has been recommended to place one drop of this mixture in each nostril and sniff it up.

High Doses of Vitamin C –

Supplementing this vitamin is reported to help strengthen the immune system.

Homeopathic Remedies

There are 3 homeopathic remedies said to be useful for preventing colds, including, Ferrum Phos, Gelsemium 30, and Aconite 30.

The herb Echinacea is reported to help in boosting the immune system and fight against viruses.

Zinc Lozenges is said to be good for treating colds, as it is believed to help ward off the virus.

Sore Throats

Symptoms of both, colds and influenza, sore throats are commonly caused by allergies, viral infections, and environmental triggers such as dust and smoke.

Their symptoms are reported to include suffering with difficulty in swallowing, swollen lymph glands under the jaw, burning, and pain in the throat, and having pain in the ears.

For preventing sore throats it has been recommended to consume plenty of hot drinks or soups, as these are thought to have a soothing effect on the throat. It has been advised to avoid smoking or being subjected to passive smoking, and to use a humidifier to maintain the throat lubricated

Supplements that Have Been Recommended for Sore Throats

– The herbs ECHINACEA and GARLIC, contain antiviral and antibacterial properties, which are viewed as being useful for preventing throat infections.

– Zinc supplements are reported to be useful as they might help ward off sore throats and shorten their time period.

– Supplementing the herb MARSHMELLOW in tea form is said to be useful as it makes swallowing easier and might help in relieving pains.

– Vitamin C is reported to be useful as it is thought to help the body combat upper respiratory tract infections, which usually cause sore throats, and it has anti-inflammatory features.

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