Restless legs syndrome, Causes And Best Naturel Treatments

Restless legs syndrome: Causes, Naturel Treatments
Restless legs syndrome: Causes, Naturel Treatments
Restless legs syndrome: Causes, Naturel Treatments

It is believed that sufferers of restless legs syndrome (RLS) might suffer from aching and itchy bones. The problem is reported to affect around 15% of the UK’s population.

Many of the sufferers are believed to suffer from sleep deprivation, due to fidgeting throughout the night. Restless legs syndrome is eve reported to have put people off sex.

It has been suggested that the symptoms of RSL are usually worse at night, just when it is believed vital to relax.

There are two separate forms of restless leg syndrome (RSL). The first is primary RLS, believed to be a disease of the brain. Primary RLS is known to be hereditary and might happen on its own. The other form of RSL is called Secondary RSL. This is believed to be caused by another health problem and is thought to be due toiron deficiency, pregnancy, and kidney failure.

Symptoms for primary RSL are treatable; however, there is not said to be a cure for it. It is reported that secondary RSL might be cured once the underlying problem is solved.

It is said that primary RLS arises due to poor distribution of the chemical messenger dopamine in the brain, so it communicates the legs to move about when it is actually not essential. Primary RSL might commence at any age, often runs in the family, and tends to become worse the older an individual becomes.

How it has been recommended to prevent restless leg syndrome

– It is said that walking and stretching exercises might be beneficial.

– It has been suggested that to cool the heat in the legs, one is advised to have a cooling bath.

– It has is believed thatmassage might help in relieving the tension in the legs.

Yoga is said to be excellent as it mixes stretching with mental relaxation.

– It has been reported thatReflexology might help in calming RSL.

– It has been recommended that an individual should not smoke, drink alcohol, and caffeine as they are unlikely to be helpful.

Supplements that are thought to help combat Restless leg syndrome

– It has been suggested to takeIron supplements, as they are said to be good for combating iron deficiencies.

Vitamin B complex may help to repair nerve damage, so it has been recommended to takeVitamin B supplements.

Folic acidormagnesium supplements could be useful for pregnant women.

– Chelatedmagnesium supplements are said to help combat RSL.


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