Top 6 Reasons Why you Are Sweating a Lot

Top 6 Reasons Why you Are Sweating a Lot

Top 6 Reasons Why You Are Sweating a Lot

Top 6 Reasons Why you Are Sweating a Lot

DO YOU SWEAT TOO MUCH? Are you often “flooded” with sweat, no matter what season it is and how hot is outside? Maybe it’s time to listen to your body and figure out what it wants to tell you with excessive sweating.

  1. You are Stressed

By the smell of sweat, you can easily tell whether you are under stress. When we are warm, activated are eccrine glands that are found everywhere in our body and produce sweat that is mainly composed of water and salts and has no distinctive smell.

When we are under stress, sweat is produced by apocrine (large) sweat glands, which are found only on certain parts of the body, such as under the armpit. That sweat consists of fats and proteins that interfere with bacteria on our skin and thus create an unpleasant odor.

  1. Spread Positive Feelings or Fear

Studies have shown that people in your vicinity can recognize what you are feeling by the smell of your sweat. In one experiment, 36 women were obliged to smell the sweat samples of 12 men who previously watched movies that were intended to make them happy or scared.

When women smelled the sweat of scared men, their smell caused a similar reaction of fear and disgust, and when they smelled the sweat of happy men; their smell caused a mild reaction and smiles.

  1. You are Threatened by the Danger of Heat Stroke

Walking on a hot summer day and suddenly at some point, you no longer feel that you are sweating and you are dizzy. What you have experienced is called anhidrosis, a condition in which you cannot normally sweat and during which your body can not “cool” by sweating.

If at that time did not immediately hydrate your body with water, it is in danger of heatstroke. Take shelter in the shade or in an air-conditioned room and drink plenty of water. Never drink alcohol or caffeine drinks as they cause dehydration.

  1. The drop in Blood Sugar Level

Increased sweating is a symptom of a sharp drop in blood sugar. This problem can easily be solved with the consumption of chocolate, jam, or any type of candy that you find at hand.

  1. You are Pregnant or Entering the Menopause

If there is a possibility you are pregnant or before menopause, then pay attention to perspiration. All processes in the body that affect the endocrine system can cause excessive sweating. This is what happens in most women entering menopause and battling the waves of heat.

A similar thing happens early in pregnancy when hormonal changes cause a change in the “thermostat” of the brain because you can feel the heat even in highly air-conditioned rooms, and start intensively to sweat.

  1. You Have Hyperhidrosis

If you cannot find the cause for your emenxcessive sweating, make an appointment with your doctor because there is a possibility that you have hyperhidrosis. It is a condition of excessive and uncontrolled sweating, which exceeds the necessary and normal thermoregulation of the body. People with hyperhidrosis sweat at times when they should not, for example, when they calmly sit in a cold room. Their sweating is increased to such an extent that even in such moments the sweat strains of their palms.

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