Principal Chinese Herb Types

Principal Chinese Herb Types
Principal Chinese Herb Types

Principal Chinese Herb Types

Principal Chinese Herb Types
Principal Chinese Herb Types

Anyone who has walked into a Chinese herbal shop and experienced the aromas, and the impressive number of herbs available, can tell you the depth of knowledge and the tradition of medicinal herbs is unparalleled in Western culture.

Gaining popularity

In modern times Chinese herbal medicine has been an increasingly interesting area of study for contemporary scientific investigators. The surge in popularity in Holistic approaches to health and lifestyle has put Chinese herbal practice into the middle of our new look at what it means to get and stay healthy. The literally thousands of years of experience, organization, and observation of the positive effects of herbs, herb essential oils, and other herbal combinations offers an intriguing alternative to today’s health-conscious individual.

Holistic health

It should always be remembered that Chinese medicinal herbology does not exist in a vacuum. That is, there are no herbs that by themselves, will make you thinner or cure any digestive problem, or miraculously increase your basic energy level. Chinese herbs and their use are but one part of a philosophy of life that includes diet, lifestyle, and spiritual well being. The use of herbal preparations and remedies must always be considered as part of this larger picture of a balanced life.

One of the basic understandings that Chinese herbal practitioners have discovered is that herbs should be approached not only as occasionally utilized medicines or cures but also as part of a regular well thought out diet. Herbs are thought of as highly concentrated foods, essential to life and a sense of well-being. Many Chinese herbs are used in cooking and are important ingredients in recipes.

Popular herbs

One of the most well known Chinese herbs now days is Gin Seng – known as an energy enhancer. Ginseng has enjoyed a surge in popularity. You should know, however, that herbalists do not consider Ginseng useful for all people. Again it depends on the whole picture of the person’s lifestyle. Other popular herbs are Ginger preparations, Lotus seed, Fox-nut, Cardomon, and Jujuba – there are entirely too many herbal remedies to list here. A thorough study and good information will help you understand all the potential uses of herbs in your diet and lifestyle.

Chinese herbal medicine and supplements are based on the Yin-Yang principle, that is, a world of opposites that must be brought into balance. That’s the word to remember: “balance.” Using Chinese herbs offers you a new way to help center your health on an ancient proven tradition that provides for the health of the complete person.

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