Benefits of Coconut Water: Secrets Everyone Should Know

Benefits of Coconut Water: Secrets Everyone should know
Benefits of Coconut Water: Secrets Everyone should know

With coconut water, you may officially forget about the coffee and other energy drinks containing high levels of caffeine. At only 50 calories per cup, coconut water will give you an enormous energy boost, the natural way. And that is just one of its many benefits. That is why people drink it all over the world.

Coconut Water Not Milk

To start with, it is important that you don’t mix the terms “coconut water”, “coconut milk”, “coconut oil“. The methods of production of the two are entirely different and there are approximately 10 times as many calories in coconut milk. Not something you would want, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Why DrinkCoconut Water

Now that you definitely have it right, it is time to find out what coconut has to offer. First of all, coconut water hydrates us even better than ordinary drinking water. Because of that property, it is recommended for people that live in hot countries, do a lot of physical work, or have has an infection or poisoning that resulted in diarrhea or vomiting (that leaves them quite dehydrated as a result).

Fun Fact:

during the Pacific War, coconut water was used in IVs and plasma transfusions, to save many lives. Turns out that the contents of natural coconut water are identical to that in human plasma, making it a kind of “universal donor”! It is still used that way in countries that have limited access to medical aid.

Coconut water is rich in dietary fiber, enzymes, vitamin C, minerals (such as magnesium and potassium), and amino acids. But at the same time, it is low in calories, chlorides, and cholesterol. These properties make it useful for people trying to lose weight (by speeding up their metabolisms and creating a feeling of fullness).

By applying coconut liquid directly to your skin, you will keep it hydrated and balance its pH levels, leading to reduced acne, less visible signs of aging, stretch marks, and cellulite and even treat eczema. Drinking coconut water will also help boost your immune system and fight the symptoms of the common cold and flu; keep your cardiovascular health in top shape and aid the kidneys in filtering the toxins and thus reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Things You Should Know About Coconut Water

Coconut water, because of its natural origin, is completely safe to drink for pregnant and breastfeeding women and even children from a very young age. However, if you have a diet high in potassium or are taking potassium supplements, you should take caution because coconut water is very rich in this mineral and it could lead to a potassium overdose (hardly a nice thing to experience).

When buying a coconut make sure it is no older than 5 months, as it won’t taste as good if it is over-ripped. Also, after opening the coconut, consume the water as fast as possible as its exposure to air could lead to a loss of some of its nutrients. As an alternative, some companies sell readily canned coconut water, but you should be sure that you can trust this provider before consuming the product. To get all the listed benefits, the coconut liquid you drink has to be pure and natural.

So what are you waiting for?

During the summer heat, coconut is a great alternative to all the chemical soft drinks out there – it will keep you cool, energized, and hydrated throughout the whole day while making you healthier at the same time.


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