The Best Health Benefits of Aloe Berry Nectar

The Health Benefits of Aloe Berry Nectar
The Health Benefits of Aloe Berry Nectar

There is a new health fad sweeping over the Internet: aloe berry nectar. But is it really a fad or could it truly be as beneficial to our health as so many websites are claiming it to be? In this article, we are going to discuss the true health benefits, as well as any setbacks that can be caused by drinking aloe berry nectar supplements.

Aloe Berry Nectar is a drink made up of about 85% pure aloe vera gel. The remainder of the drink is usually a mixture of apple and cranberry juice concentrate, as well as natural fruit sugar and added antioxidants. According to reports, the aloe vera is seemingly undetectable, and in fact, the drink as a whole has an overall pleasing fruity taste.

Aloe vera drinks are often referred to as a powerhouse drink due to the number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Almost everyone is aware of the health benefits that aloe vera has to offer, but just in case you don’t stay on top of the health news, we will discuss aloe vera’s main health highlights. When I was a kid, it seemed like every child’s mom slathered aloe vera gel on their sunburns, and for good reason! Aloe contains over six types of antiseptic, and it also works as a cooling agent similar to menthol. These properties make it an excellent treatment for sunburns, blisters, grease burns, and scalds.

Aloe works doubly as well when used both topically and internally. Many people report that drinking aloe vera drinks on a daily basis improves overall health, and when used topically as well, can treat many skin conditions ranging from the minor to the severe. Acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles are just a few examples of how aloe vera gel can improve skin quality.

Other internal perks that your body can reap from drinking aloe berry nectar are numerous in nature! It can work wonders on digestive and “elimination” issues. Indigestion, constipation, heartburn, stomach ulcers, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection, and irritable bowel syndrome are all reportedly improved by drinking regular quantities of aloe vera gel. It can also be used as a means to reduce one’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Aloe vera drinks can also be swished around the mouth to improve teeth and gum health.

That’s not the end of it, though. The added cranberry juice has its own advantages, such as promoting good urinary tract health. Apple and cranberry juices both have extra nutrients that can help to bolster your overall health. To date, there have not been any negative reports for using aloe vera gel topically or internally and there are no known side effects. In fact, the medical advantages for aloe vera are so numerous that doctors have begun to look into its potential for fighting AIDS and cancer.

The recommended dosage for aloe berry nectar is at least two to four ounces each day. If you decide to start taking aloe vera gel supplements, it is advised that you start off slowly to give your body a chance to adjust. After about a week, you can increase the amount by a few ounces. Continue to do so until you find an amount you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid if you don’t see immediate improvement; it usually takes about two months before you notice a significant improvement in your overall health.

I guess it’s true what the websites are saying! There really are a lot of benefits to be had by consuming aloe vera drinks. Although there haven’t been any negative reports yet, it is best to double-check with your doctor whether you may suffer any side effects from ingesting aloe vera, as well as ask for a recommended daily dosage that the doctor feels will be safe for you.


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