Breast Cancer – Symptoms and Causes

Breast Cancer - Symptoms and Causes
Breast Cancer - Symptoms and Causes
Breast Cancer – Symptoms and Causes

Commonly detected when a lump that is distinct, hard, and nonpainful to touch is discovered on the breast, breast cancer is a serious, yet common condition. Due to this, it is believed to be vital for women to check their breasts on a frequent basis. This is because, if the lump is discovered at an early stage, meaning that it is still tiny, cancer may not have spread, and this means that more treatment may be given as the odds of recovery are likely to be higher.

It is believed that breast cancer is developed by the unusual and uncontrollable division of abnormal cells in the breast; solid tumors in the breast have been reported to invade and eliminate surrounding normal tissue.

Factors which are reported to raise the risk of Breast cancer

– The female hormone estrogen is reported to encourage the growth of breast tumors.

– Women who carry the genes, BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, are said to be more prone to developing breast cancer. However, only 1 out of 20 cases of breast cancer have been related to this.

– Drinking regularly over the advised limit of alcohol is said to put women at a higher risk of cancer.

– Obesity is said to increase the likelihood of suffering from breast cancer, as this may improve the body’s circulating estrogens.

– The chances of breast cancer are reported to be significantly higher once at the age of 50.

– Smoking for a period of 15 years or longer may raise the risk of breast cancer.

– A diet that is very rich in saturated fats and low in fiber is believed to increase the chances of breast cancer.

– Females who have already suffered from breast cancer, there is reported to be around a 20% chance of it reoccurring again.

Ways that are said to help prevent Breast cancer

– Eating a nutritious diet that is rich infiber is said to help eliminate toxins from the body.

– Consuming fresh organically produced food, which features enzymes and other beneficial substances that are said to reduce levels of harmful chemicals in the body.

– It has been recommended to try and decrease the number of refined carbohydrate foods in an individuals diet, as these are reported to generate greater levels of growth factors in the body.

– Including plenty of fruits and vegetables in a diet, as they are reported to be full of anti-cancer chemicals is said to be good.

– Exercise is seen as vital in helping to maintain a healthy weight and aiding overall health in top condition.

– Foods includingnuts, seeds, and whole grains are reported to assist the correct conversion of fats into anti-inflammatory fats.

– It has been suggested to consume foods that are high in antioxidants, such asgarlic.


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