Best Treatment of Tonsillitis with Natural Herbs

Treatment of Tonsillitis with Natural Herbs
Treatment of Tonsillitis with Natural Herbs
Treatment of Tonsillitis with Natural Herbs

Tonsillitis is a bacterium or viruses that infect the tonsils or one of them with acute inflammation that makes the patient suffer from pain and form pus, where it infects adolescents and young people in addition to children, and those tonsils defend the human body against viruses and bacteria and form antibodies The body earns immunity against diseases it is a protective tissue of the body of microbes located in the passage of passage to the respiratory and digestive tract, and there is a risk of neglect in the treatment of tonsillitis leads to heart problems.

Tonsillitis Reasons:

The body’s lack of immunity to resist bacteria and viruses, especially when a person is forced to go out of a warm place to a cold place.

Infection with the virus or bacteria by breathing in the polluted air from a sick human
Kissing and using the patient’s special things contaminated with the pathogenic bacteria.

Tonsillitis Symptoms:

Treatment of tonsillitis with natural herbs
Treatment of tonsillitis with natural herbs

The throat is swelled and it becomes difficult for the patient to swallow what he eats in addition to the soreness in the throat with the pus in the form of dimples and sound.

Pain in the back and head and sometimes the neck is hardened and the patient feels dizzy.

Heat it in the patient, and not want to eat and drink, he loses a lot of fluids to the extent that the skin is sometimes dry.

Tonsillitis Treatment:

Put sodium carbonate in hot water and wait until it becomes warm and then seduced by the patient as it facilitates the process of swallowing.

Soak the onion mashed in vinegar for several hours and then the patient is tempted after each meal. Compresses of onion and ice pieces can be made around the neck to treat the loose.

Adding onions and garlic to food or eating it is very effective raw to heal tonsillitis as they are considered to be a microbial and powerful antibiotic.

Boil the Nigel black grain on the fire and be tempted with the patient’s water and then swallow it and use the oil of the seed or fruit to paint the neck, and mix the grain of fruit with pure honey and eat twice daily.

Saussurea costus:

We boil the herb of the Saussurea costus until the yellowing of the water and then the patient is tempted every day until healing and for the children dripping in the nose and lying on the back to reach the tonsils.


The patient is lured with chamomile boiling several times a day.

Sage – Sauge officinale:

Boil sage and when it becomes warm the patient is tempted to contain active substances to treat the tonsils.

The roots of the spinal berries:

the patient drinks boiling this plant for its benefit in the treatment of tonsils as well as persimmon in the same way.


The roots of this plant Taraxacum are also boiled and drunk for the same purpose.

Sambucus nigra:

The juice of this herb is useful against the flu and tonsils.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruit are all rich in vitamin C, which can resist infections and treat tonsillitis.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is used by adding water to it as gargling several times a day it is very useful.

Boil the fenugreek powder in water and use as gargling many times a day


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