Nail Care Tips and Beauty Women 

Nail Care Tips and Beauty Women
Nail Care Tips and Beauty Women

Nail Care Tips and Beauty Women

Nail Care Tips and Beauty Women
Nail Care Tips and Beauty Women

It is believed that the state of individuals nails may provide a great indication of their overall health. Soft nails that are splitting into layers or nails that are cracking is said to be caused by either a deficient diet, digestive problems or overexposure to water, or sunlight. The usual option to prevent this is believed to be to change diet and wear cotton-lined rubber gloves for all activities. If nails are pale, this may be a symptom of anemia. If this is the case, it has been recommended to use sunscreen on nails while being outside. Nails might be in many various conditions, below is a list of all the different conditions.

– Dry and Brittle Nails –

Nails that are easily broken may give the indication of a vitamin and mineral deficiency. It has been recommended that an individuals diet might need to be altered, and is advised include foods featuring essential fatty acids such as oily fish and Vitamin B.

It has been recommended that nails should be conditioned on a regular basis, by using sunscreen whilst sunbathing and applying hand cream after washing. It has also been advised to only use ‘formaldehyde free’ nail polish. Evening primrose oil, either in supplement or liquid form is also believed to strengthen nails.

– Hangnails or dry and Splitting Skin –

This is said to be caused by injury, poor trimming, dry skin and cuticles, very frequent handling of paper or very high temperatures. Nail conditioning oils have been encouraged to be used all over the skin.

– White Spots –

This may mean that there has been some kind of trauma put on the nail. This could be due to a deficiency of both iron and zinc, so it has been recommended to take zinc supplements and a Vitamin B complex, including biotin for natural iron and nutrients.

– Horizontal Ridges –

This is thought to occur due to unhealthy diets, illness, or high amounts of stress. It is believed to be very normal and is not viewed as a sign of any bad illness. However, to stop horizontal ridges, it has been advised to try a silica complex, which contains minerals and horsetails.

It is reported that a healthy nail should be strong, flexible and blemish free. The conditions above may be a symptom of suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Nails are believed to be most affected by diet. The structure of nails consists up of the protein called keratin and a mixture of the minerals calcium, sulfurpotassium, and selenium.

Supplements thought to promote healthy nails

– It has been stated that Silica supplements may be supplemented on as they may enhance calcium absorption, which is essential.

– It is thought that the herb Horsetail may be taken as it features Silica and calcium, this herb may be brewed in tea.

– It has been suggested that Borage oil might be supplemented on as it is a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid, believed to be good for promoting healthy nails.

– It has been recommended that B Vitamins may be included in a diet as they are seen as highly beneficial.

– The supplement Royal Jelly is believed to be good, as it is rich in B Vitamins and contains high amounts of essential fatty acids.

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