Which Essential Oils Are Best For You

Which Essential Oils Are Best For You

Which Essential Oils Are Best For You

Which Essential Oils Are Best For You

Medical doctors in France have for many years identified some essential oils that work best for each infection using Aromatagram. A doctor uses Petri dishes to apply various oils on the primary infection of parents. The oils that perform best in the laboratory incubator are used on a patient.

In the United States, most users of essential oils make use of a reference book containing a long list of ailments that can be cured by each oil. The essential oil therapy for each ailment seems to have the same effectiveness as the others. But they do not. When people try them, they wonder why particular oil does not produce results. Then they give up on these awesome aromatic oils from Mother Nature. This casual approach to medical aromatherapy dents the image of the whole industry.

In the “desk references” in network marketing, for example, there are expensive and well-known oils such as frankincense with a reputation for effectiveness in fighting diseases such as cancer. However, in the medical literature of the French, frankincense is mentioned for many important uses, apart from cancer.

It is amazing to draw up a list of the health conditions that can be treated with essential oils. For instance, you may hear network marketers eulogize oils for popular, well-known sicknesses such as diabetes. Essential oils are useful for shingles, flu, insect bites, and first & second-degree burns.

Recently the ultrasonic diffuser was introduced as an essential oil diffuser when applying essential oil. It is an atomizer that can diffuse every available essential oil, including myrrh and sandalwood which are the thicker oils. Both oil and water is added to this diffuser, and the molecules are broken up into atomized air with an optimal frequency.

When we under-deliver after overpromising on the benefits of essential oils, it becomes embarrassing to those who practice predictable alternative medicine.

My recommendation is to seek for real value from essential oils, and you will surely find outstanding therapeutic value. Search for the top best-selling oil online and learn as much as you can about them. Make an order for them and apply them to see their effectiveness in your life. You may not need oils for joint pain due to your unique health condition, but you may require more oils to treat an infection. They may come in handier for calming gastric discomfort and reducing stress.

Examine the success stories that talk about the most common uses for essential oils. If there are fewer stories about cancer and diabetes but many stories about headaches, you can easily tell which uses are more reliable.

In the French medical literature, here are the topmost affordable essential oils with plenty of plus signs. These are useful all the time:

  1. Frankincense,
  2. Tea tree,
  3. Lavender,
  4. Geranium,
  5. Spearmint,
  6. Oregano,
  7. Basil,
  8. Lemon,
  9. Thyme,
  10. Fir,
  11. Peppermint,
  12. Eucalyptus radiata.

There is also a favorite blend for the following uses:

  1. Calming and relaxation,
  2. Respiratory,
  3. Digestion,
  4. Infection,
  5. Foot massage,
  6. Pain,
  7. General massage,
  8. Exercise recovery.

These oils always work, and you do not need to be skeptical about their performance. They are dependable, their results speak for themselves and do not need any marketing tricks to increase sales. There are a lot more oils you will enjoy as you try them, but get familiar with the basic ones first and learn ways to apply them.

There are so many therapeutic essential oils available in the market such as bergamot essential and eucalyptus essential oil, formulated to slow down the aging process on your skin and solve any existing damage. However, some oils are more effective than others.

The rind of citrus fruit is the source of Bergamot oil. It grows on bergamot orange trees. You are already enjoying the unique taste of bergamot if you love Earl Grey tea, which is used to flavor it.

Southeast Asia seems to be the origin of the bergamot tree. Currently, it is grown in many parts of the world but gained its name and prominence in Bergamo town in southern Italy.

It is Prized for its Spicy Taste, Soothing Scent, and Variety of Uses

Bergamot’s citrusy and distinctive scent is a common ingredient in both male and female personal care products. The ingredient can be found in cologne, perfumes, cosmetics, and toiletries. Edible bergamot oil is used as a drink and food flavoring. It also has medicinal benefits.

Eucalyptus is a tree originally from Australia. The oil is gotten from the leaves of the tree. The oil is available as an essential oil that used as a tick repellant and as a medicine to treat so many common conditions and diseases including asthma, nasal congestion. As a solution for health problems, diluted eucalyptus oil can be applied to the skin for skin ulcers and arthritis.

Eucalyptus oil is also used to provide benefits for respiratory health and ease cold symptoms. Eucalyptus globulus is the origin of Eucalyptol, which is often used in cold remedies and mouthwashes. As an essential oil, eucalyptus is commonly used with a diffuser for health benefits of aromatherapy.

Therapeutic Oils Essential for Skin

There are two therapeutic oils essential for skin to slow down the aging process. Not only do they get rid of the effects of aging on the skin but also have so many other positive effects as well. These vital oils are evening primrose and almond oil.

Almond oil softens the skin i.e it is an emollient. It is traditionally used as a lubricant for massages, and it also has properties for anti-aging. It provides itch relief, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and can plump and fill wrinkles. It increases the quantity of moisture that can be retained in your skin, thereby fighting irritation and dryness. Almond oil stimulates the renewal of cells to enable the skin to regenerate young cells and eliminate dead zones. It contains a lot of vitamins including vitamins A & E. It is also great for sensitive skin as it is softening and gentle. It can even reduce acne and clear up skin tone. Almond oil has a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which is helpful to the body.

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